19751178_mMom, Can you hand me a bath towel?” is a phrase that comes up daily in the life of every family. Nice towels and clean laundry cost money. Which leads to the next phrase that comes up everyday, “budget”. We are constantly changing our budgets, deciding on how to spend and sometimes deciding what is worth breaking the budget. Being successful with a budget is knowing the difference between saving a few dollars today and investing in something that will save even more money over time. Buying the off-brand box of cereal can save a couple of dollars per week and there is very little difference. However taking that same chance with something as long-term as bed and bath items may not yield the same results? One of the first long-term items that comes to mind is towels. We shower every day (hopefully), we wash our hands multiple times per day, and some of us know just how messy kids can be. eLuxurySupply has the perfect solution for all of those needs. Our Egyptian cotton towels range from 600 to 900 grams per square meter (GSM) while our combed cotton beach towels are 450 GSM, meaning that we only offer the most durable selection of towels you can buy. The luxurious softness of our 6-piece bath towel sets feel like a best friend's hug after a nice wash. They can whisk you away to a 5-star hotel, even if only for a moment. The best part is the confident feeling you will have, knowing that you made a sound investment will not need to purchase towels again for quite some time. You could pay lower department store prices, in exchange you would be paying for less durability and an inferior feel. Is that really worth it? For a family on a budget, investing in quality Egyptian Cotton towels is really the only option. Take it from us, for something used daily, it's an investment well-made. Every family deserves a little luxury!