Where will you be? After the football games are over, after you’ve taken the place of the turkey (as far as being stuffed), and after you've scoured through every possible ad on the couch, where will you be Thanksgiving night? While the brave-hearted are now starting to line up for Black Friday sales almost as soon as their forks and knives hit the plate Thursday night, will you also lace up those boots and pull on those gloves and hats to wait, fight, and endure until the doors open Friday morning? All for an opportunity to (maybe) get those discounted gifts for loved ones---if there are any left. Heed our advice: avoid the madness and stay in the comfort of your home this Black Friday---because no “thing” is worth getting trampled for. Hop on your iPad and check out the sweet Black Friday deals at eLuxury this holiday season. One of our newest products here at eLuxury is our new SleepMade Talalay Shredded Latex Pillow---offering the most innovative design for improving a night’s sleep. 

Latex is a safer, greener alternative to other rubber pillow fills that are synthetic and chemically produced. Talalay latex differs from Dunlop latex because of its production process. Talalay goes a couple steps further in production and costs a little more, but provides and even softer, loftier end product than the Dunlop process. What this ends up providing for the consumer is the softest, coolest, greenest pillow available to Earth that never loses its shape. Here at eLuxury, we only want to provide the best options to our customers, and that’s what we have done here with the new shredded latex pillow. Look for these pillows to be specially featured around our holiday shopping season.

Another new product that we will be featuring during the holiday season are our Low-Twist 100% Cotton Microlux Towel Set. Bring home those luxurious hotel towels you always wanted for yourself with these low-twist, short-staple 100% cotton sets that are bound to make your guests feel as if they need to “check out” of your home after their stay. These towels come in sets of three and are great additions to half baths. Check back for these towels which will be included special deals at some point or after Black Friday.

For those who do not wish to fight the crowds this holiday season, I would recommend signing up for our 12 Days of Christmas electronic mailing list. Starting Black Friday, those who sign up will receive exclusive deals for twelve consecutive days on various products here at eLuxury. This will be a great opportunity to find the perfect gift for your loved ones (or even yourself) at a special price, all while allowing you to save time and have one less stop during this busy season of shopping.

Take advantage of this special offer by signing up HERE. So where will you be this Black Friday? Will you brave the cold and wrestle the crowds, or will you warm up the Keurig, grab the iPad, and watch the world go mad from the comfort of your home while checking off your Christmas gift list? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Happy Holidays!