21896022_mAllergies plaque so many of us. We change filters, clean, dust and do whatever is possible to minimize the effects on our health. What is an allergy you ask? An allergy is an immune response or reaction to substances that are usually not harmful. Food, animals and dust could be allergy triggers. One trigger, the dust mite, can affect how you sleep. Sleep is so very important to your health and doing whatever you can to make sure that you’re getting good rest is something that you do have some control over. There are ways to keep these little critters out of your bed and out of your life! The mighty little dust mite wreaks havoc on our bedding. This microscopic bug causes so many of us to sneeze, cough, wheeze and can make life pretty darn unpleasant. They make their homes in our pillows and mattresses. The dust mite itself is not the cause, dust mite feces is the actual cause of the allergic reaction. Their waste contains a protein that is the allergen. It can create up to 200 times its weight in allergens… don’t think too much about that. Many think they are allergic to feather pillows because of the feathers, when in fact, it may be a reaction to dust mites. There are more allergies to dust mites than actual feathers. [caption id="attachment_265" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pillow Encasement Protect your pillow![/caption] Dust mites can adapt to most climates, however they prefer a warm humid area. One way to protect your pillow is to use a pillow encasement. Using an encasement on your new pillow will prevent the mites from getting in. On your older pillow, the encasement will not kill the mites that may currently live in your pillow, but it will keep the allergens at bay. Also, changing out that pillow you have had forever will help in relieving those allergy symptoms. The longer you keep your pillow, the more allergens that build up. It is advised to change your pillow out every 6 months to a year. Mattress EncasementEven though mites find their homes mainly in feathers, they can also make their homes in the mattresses as well. A great way to keep the mites out, is a mattress encasement. The encasement will protect your mattress against mites, mildew, dust and mold. Purchasing a mattress is an investment, and investments should always be protected. When you purchase a car you have a car insurance, when you purchase a home, you get homeowners. So why not get an encasement to protect your mattress as well as yourself from the allergens that lie within? Protecting yourself and your family from mites is a good idea for your health, your comfort and for your sleep. Take a look at all of the eLuxurySupply encasement products to stop the problem before it even starts! All of the encasement products that we feature are made to protect mattresses and pillows from liquids, molds, allergens, viruses, stains, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs. Take a look at the options on eLuxurySupply.com and get one for yourself to ease your mind, lessen your worry and sleep well and protected.