[caption id="attachment_395" align="alignleft" width="372"]Easy King Photo Save your old mattresses with the Easy King[/caption] Does your spouse prefer a different mattress firmness than you?  More than likely the answer is yes.  It is very rare that a couple prefers the exact same firmness in a mattress.  What do you do when this is the case?  You can spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on a “his side, her side” mattresses or you can go with the quick, cost efficient, and simple solution from eLuxury Supply!  Are you interested now? We currently offer two products that can solve this age old problem without costing you an arm and a leg.  The products: the Easy King Bed Doubler and the Easy King Plush Bed Doubler.  That’s right, you read correct, two twin beds into a king. Converting two twin mattresses into one king-sized mattress is the perfect solution for couples who cannot agree on the firmness of a mattress.  Within a couple of seconds he gets his soft, cloud-like side and a warm, supportive side for her.  Additionally, both products work great for guest purposes. Let’s consider the following scenario.  Your mother, who raised you and loves you dearly, flies across the county to visit.  After such a long, exhausting trip your mother arrives and all is well…until after dinner.  After dinner your mother retires to the guest room to recharge from her exhausting trip and what does she find?  A twin sized guest mattress!  You can imagine your mother’s reaction when she travels across the county to visit and is greeted by a tiny spare twin mattress?  How dare you!  We are talking about your mother who loves you dearly, the woman who raised you!  Don’t be this person.  Use one of our Easy King Bed Doublers to turn your spare twin mattresses into a guest worthy king bed and your mother will never know the difference. Now that we have established that you drastically need an Easy King Bed Doubler, you are probably asking how does one work and what are they exactly? [caption id="attachment_396" align="alignright" width="342"]Easy King Clasp Clasps Tight to the Bed[/caption] Designed for joining twin mattresses that need more "fill" in the center where the two beds meet, the Easy King Plush Bed Doubler consists of a 12" washable, non-allergenic poly sheepskin to pad the middle area and a removable filler pad to give extra padding under the sheepskin.  A super strong, 2" adjustable belt wraps around the sides of the mattresses securing them into a larger, seamless bed. The Easy King Bed Doubler consists of a soft, luxurious 8" wide poly sheepskin that pads the middle area where the beds meet and a 2" adjustable safety strap that wraps around the sides of the mattress, and with the snap of the buckle, secures the beds together for temporary or permanent use.  The safety strap is thread through a choice of 3 loop to ensure it will fit any length twin mattress. Best of all both doublers are machine washable, non-allergenic and are made here in the USA.  We offer a 5 year replacement warranty against any defects. Need I say more about this quick and cost efficient way of solving some of life’s hardest sleeping struggles?  Either one of the “Easy Kings” offered by eLuxurySupply are sure to please disagreeing couples or picky guests alike.  What are you waiting for?  Hurry and get an “Easy King” before your mother is forced to sleep on a small spare mattress!