A Brief History:

The Fouta is originally a rectangular shaped handwoven cloth used to cover the body in hammam or bath, or wrapped from the waist to prevent contamination of clothes while working. It is one of the first garments of humankind dating back to the Anatolian Era. map of turkeyFouta towels are extremely popular in the Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey with their endless uses and vibrant color. Some people in the Middle East wear certain colored Foutas to represent where they are from in a given country. According to the ancient Turkish traditions when a couple decided to marry they would give to each other a bath set as a gift which would include a Fouta as the most indispensable piece of this set. Until recently, Fouta Towels were produced by weaving on hand looms by women in Turkey's eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions.  These days Fouta Towels are made on advanced, automated looms which produce more towels than a human while retaining the hand woven quality.  


foutasFouta Towels have been used in various applications throughout history and are still being put to good use today.  Fouta towels are an excellent travelling towel as they are as absorbent as a regular towel but dry extremely quickly. Foutas can be used as towels, shawls, and wraps for the pool, beach, sauna, and park, as throws on a chair, and as tablecloths. The warm color of the Fouta used as a tablecloth is the perfect accent for a summertime lunch on the porch. The soft texture adds sophistication to a picnic in the park, and the geometric patterns enliven your experience at the pool or gallivanting on the beach. Foutas will complement any jaunt in the sun or your indoor leisure and activities. We recommend mixing and matching your Foutas for versatility or pair them for the perfect gift.  

Where to Purchase:

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