Refer All of Your Friends

Since I started working at eLuxurySupply (once called ExceptionalSheets), the one constant thing I’ve heard from our customers is “I’m going to tell my friends about you!” We absolutely love to hear this from our customers. This admission really helps make the 13 hour days’ worth it. This sparked our idea for a referral program. If so many of our customers love their experience at and they tell their friend and family, why don’t we reward them?

In the past a referral program was out of the question due to technical incapability. Since we launched our new design of our website on Shopify, we can now do more than ever in terms of programs like a referral program. I’m so happy to announce our awesome new Refer-A-Friend program at

Now you can share you experience with your friends and family via social media or email and both of you will benefit from the referral. Here is how our Refer-A-Friend program works in a few simple steps…

Meet Sean –

Sean is one our most dedicated customers and absolutely loves Here is how Sean heard about the referral program and what how he used this program to benefit himself and his friend.

  • Sean made a purchase at
  • He received an email after his purchase inviting him to the eLuxurySupply referral program
  • Sean accepted and received his unique referral URL to share with his friends and family
  • Sean thought about his friend Brandon and sent Brandon his unique referral URL
  • Brandon received Sean’s unique URL in his email
  • When Brandon clicked the link he was offered a 10% off coupon code for his first purchase
  • Brandon used his 10% off coupon code that Sean sent him and made a purchase from
  • Sean then received an email letting him know that Brandon made a purchase from his link. eLuxurySupply then sent Sean a $10 gift card to use at
  • Brandon then received his referral invitation and started the cycle all over again

Sean and Brandon now both love and they both came out on top with the new Refer-A-Friend program. Brandon saved 10% on his first order and Sean received a $10 gift card to use on his next purchase at Now Brandon can share his experience with his friends and family and get his own $10 gift card for each person he refers.

If you’re interested in participating in the Refer-A-Friend program at, you can do one of two ways...

  1. Make a purchase at
  2. Or CLICK HERE to sign up directly at

Thank you for reading! Now get out there and start referring!