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400 Thread Count 2 Piece Cotton Pillowcase Set

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  • 400Thread Count Cotton 2 Piece Pillowcase Set Specifications:

    400 Thread Count Cotton 2 Piece Pillowcase Set Dimensions:

    • Standard 400 Thread Count Pillowcase: 21" x 32"
    • King 400Thread Count Pillowcase:21" x 42"

    400Thread Count Cotton 2 Piece Pillowcase Set Description:

    Our 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Pillowcases are the perfect product for anyone looking for ultra soft pillowcases that still maintain the durability and quality of high thread count luxury linens. These pillowcases will literally become softer and softer with every wash, so there is no limit to the amount of comfort that they will provide.

    These pillow cases are ideal to pair with our cotton sheets, duvet covers, mattress toppers, and luxury comforters to give your bedroom the look and feel of a 5-star hotel. They are 100% cotton and available in a wide range of colors within the Standard and King sizes!


    Why is cotton so much better for your sheets? Quite simply, cotton produces longer fibers (up to twice as long as a standard cotton fiber). The longer fibers or staples are easily spun into finer count yarns, and turned into the softest sheets you will ever sleep on. It's that simple!

    Single Ply:

    "Ply" refers to the number of yarns wrapped together in a single thread. The process of plying creates thicker threads, which will impact a sheet's feel and durability. Finer threads allow for higher thread counts resulting in a softer sheet with an elegant drape. Our Single ply sheets use individual, un-plied threads in the weaving process, resulting in lighter-weight fabric with exceptional drape and softness.

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