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  • OVER 1 MILLION SOLD WORLDWIDE! Our bamboo top mattress pad is the highest-rated mattress pad on the market is made with rayon from bamboo. The bamboo blend fabric is silky to the touch and reduces hot spots. The top quilting is plush for a more comfortable night of sleep. This mattress pad is perfect for a mattress that runs hot such as Tempur Pedic.

    Our bamboo mattress pad uses a bamboo fabric specifically known for its breathability. The mattress pad top is 70% polyester and 30% rayon. Rayon is made from bamboo. The polyester supports mattress pads' stretchiness and durability. The bamboo mattress topper is filled with plush, supportive synthetic cluster fiber. Cluster fiber is a highly innovative polyester material that goes through an extra engineering process to create a network of fiber that "traps" air to allow the pad to keep its shape longer and allow more airflow than any other mattress pad on the market.

    Perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of softness to a hard mattress, or someone who would like to renew an old mattress.

Reduces Pressure by 51%

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