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Luxury Towel Buying Guide and Care Guide

Luxury Towel Buying Guide and Care Guide

If you are you looking for the best luxury towels online or anywhere, eLuxury offers an entire line of 100% cotton towels and bamboo towels that come in 2-piece, 4-piece, 6-piece, and 8-piece sets. Each set contains hand towels, face towels, and bath towels in multiple different combination to customize your experience. Take a look below to learn everything there is to know about eLuxury's collection of the most absorbent and soft towels in the world.


Viscose Rayon from Bamboo

Viscose rayon from bamboo is one of the softest materials on Earth. Viscose rayon from bamboo towels are super absorbent and naturally wick away moisture from your body. A set of bamboo bath towels not only looks great hanging on the rack, they are also the most "soft to the touch" towel that you will find anywhere.

100% Cotton

eLuxury's 100% cotton towels are made long-staple cotton and are single-ply, offering superior durability and absorbency. The 100% cotton bath towels are available in 900 and 600 GSM and in a variety of colors.



All eLuxury cotton towels are constructed with the two-ply method. This method uses double the yarn to make an exceptionally durable, soft, and absorbent towel. These towels are thick and super-plush.

Combed Cotton

Just as the name says, these towels have been combed to remove any uneven strands and debris during manufacturing. This creates a superior designer towel that has long and lush fibers.


Micro Cotton towels are low-twist, which allows the towel to have a soft and plush feel. Low-twist towels are some of the most absorbent towels you will ever own.


500 - 600 GSM

These medium-weight towels are perfect for bath towels and guest bathrooms. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent the cotton bath towel will be.

600 - 900 GSM

The 900 GSM towels are true luxury. This premium weight allows the towel to be truly plush and feel like you are wrapping yourself in pure luxurious comfort


Wash Cloth

Also known as a face towel, this washcloth is used in and out of the shower or bath to wash hands, face, and body. The typical size of this towel is 13" x 13".

Hand Towel

Usually hanging beside the sink in any home bathroom, this towel gets plenty of use after hand washes. The typical size of this towel is 20" x 30".

Bath Towel

The standard all-purpose towel used for drying off after a refreshing shower or bath. The typical size of this towel is 30" x 55".


  • Wash on normal cycle with standard detergent
  • NEVER use fabric softener or detergent infused with fabric softener
  • Optional: Add a cup of distilled vinegar to the wash to remove musty smell after drying

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