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Bedding Material Guide

Bedding Material Guide

At, we offer sheets, comforters, pillows, and duvet covers in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Each material has advantages and are the bedrock of what makes the product comfortable. When looking for the most comfortable set of sheets, warmest comforter, softest pillow, or great-looking duvet cover, the material will make all the difference. Here is a quick tutorial on the different materials that we offer at


Egyptian cotton, grown from the plant Gossypium Barbadense, is the world-renowned extra-long staple cotton grown in the Egyptian delta. The moist river deltas of the Nile River allow for a perfect growing environment for this extraordinary plant. The natural extra-long staple of Egyptian cotton allows it to be made into a very fine, strong yarn that is softer and much more durable than normal cotton. Egyptian Cotton is the fiber used to make the best cotton sheets in the world. eLuxury carries multiple Egyptian Cotton sheet sets in a variety of thread counts, colors, and sizes.


Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Bedding are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after bedding items in the world. They also have a growing reputation for being the softest bed sheets on the planet, while also ranking high on lists for being the coolest bed sheets available. While this textile is known as "bamboo," it's actually a fiber called rayon. Viscose rayon from bamboo is the end-result of the processing of bamboo viscose. The inner pith of the bamboo trunk is extracted via a steaming process. This inner pith is then crushed and bamboo cellulose is left. This cellulose is then processed and turned into rayon fiber. This rayon fiber is the super-soft and durable material known for its ability to breathe very well and stay cool as well as wicking away moisture. The eLuxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets are some of our biggest selling and best reviewed products!


100% Cotton Sheets are some of eLuxury's most popular products. Cotton is the fiber used in some of the softest and coolest sheets that we offer. Most standard cottons are grown in the Americas and tend to be long staple or standard staple fabrics. Cotton is also used in blends with other materials in cotton blend sheets sets and other products that create a soft and cool feel for bedding. eLuxury's line of bath towels are made with 100% Cotton and are some of the softest and most absorbent bath towels available anywhere.  


Polyester is used in a large portion of the bedding and clothing on the market today. Polyester bedding will not shrink, wrinkle, or fade as many bedding items made of organic materials will. Polyester is a byproduct of oil. The substance left over after oil refining is processed and turned into polypropylene, which is processed again and turned into a fine fiber called olefin fiber (polyester). This olefin fiber is used in many bedding products and is often combined with cotton and other materials . At eLuxury, many of our comforters, pillows, and mattress pads are filled with high-grade polyester that breathes exceptionally well and makes for some of the softest and most comfortable bedding on the market. 


Microfiber is another form of polyester. Microfiber sheets and microfiber comforters are some of our softest and most sought after items! It was found that the olefine fibers could not be used for a number of textile applications due to their density, so the olefin fiber was refined even further into the super-fine fiber called microfiber. Microfiber bedding is known for the ability to wick away moisture and is perfect for sleepers who sweat at night.