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Gift Registry FAQ

Q: I want to have the order shipped to the couple or registrant(s), but it's asking for my shipping address.

A: You will want to navigate back to the registry profile that you are shopping for. You can do this by going to "FIND" from the gift registry homepage. From the registry profile page, you can click "checkout" at the bottom of the page or copy their shipping information from the description below the registry title.

Q: Will the couple or registrant(s) be notified of my purchase?

A: Yes, the registrant(s) will receive an email as soon as you have made your purchase.

Q: Can I purchase a gift if I'm located outside the US?

A: You can purchase from anywhere in the world. Just make sure that the shipping information is set to go to the registrant(s).

Q: I'd like to make changes to my registry, how can I do this myself/who can help?

A: In order to make changes to a registry, you must be the owner of the registry or an appointed admin for that registry. If you are the owner or admin, just SIGN IN to your account and click "manage" from the GIFT REGISTRY DASHBOARD. If you want to become an admin for a registry, you will need to contact the owner and ask for them to assign you as an admin.

If you need help making changes to your registry, please use our chat box in the bottom-left corner of the screen or call 1.800.977.7433

Q: I've made a purchase, but the registry list has not updated...

A: Rest assured that your purchase has gone through. It can take up to 48 hours for the registry to be updated on the profile page.

Q: How do I include a message with my gift?

A: At the cart page, please write your message in the "order notes" section and the recipients will see it when they receive their gifts.

Q: Can I register for something other than a wedding? Such as a birthday, anniversary, or civil ceremony?

A: Yes, you can create a gift registry for any event really. We have comprehensive list of common events available. If you do not see your event listed, just choose "other".

Q: How do I set up my gift registry?

A: From the GIFT REGISTRY DASHBOARD, click the button that says "create". From this menu you can create your gift registry and assign a co-registrant or admins. You can also call 1.800.977.7433 and set an appointment up with our gift registry experts and they can help you set-up your gift registry over the phone!

Q: When items go on sale will my registry update to reflect the sale price?

A: Yes, the pricing of your registry items are pulled directly from the product pages on our store. All pricing and product information will remain 100% up to date.

Q: How do I purchase a gift from someone's registry?

A: From the GIFT REGISTRY DASHBOARD, click the button that says "FIND". You can search for gift registries by the first and/or last name of the registrant. Once you have found the registry, you will see the event information, information about the registrant, and the products in their registry at the bottom of the page. Notice the columns labeled WANTS, HAS, and NEEDS. You can enter the quantity of the item you wish to purchase in the column labeled "cart" and then click the "UPDATE CART" button. Once you have added all the gift items you wish to purchase to you cart, you can click the "CHECKOUT" button and their shipping information will be pre-filled on the checkout page.

Q: What if I get duplicates of a gift?

A: You can call our extraordinary customer service team at 1.800.977.7433 and exchange your duplicate gift item for another item on the registry. In the case that there no items left in the registry, we can refund your order.

Q: How long will my registry be posted after my event?

A: All registries remain active one month after the event date. Gifts can still be purchased within this month remainder.

Q: Can I register for eLuxury Gift Cards?

A: Yes, you can register eLuxury gift cards as one of your registry products.

Q: What is a registrant and co-registrant?

A: Each registry has one main person (registrant) that has access to maintain and edit information on the registry. The co-registrant is a secondary person appointed by the registrant to assist with the registry maintenance.

Q: How do I have 15% on my gift registry purchases?

A: The registrant and co-registrant will be given a unique promotional code for 15% off all of their gift purchases. You can contact them directly or view their unique promotional code on their gift registry profile page.