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How To Put on a Duvet Cover

If it seems like you need an engineering degree to put a duvet cover on your comforter, don't worry, you are not alone! Today we share one of the most closely guarded bedding secrets by leaning how to put on a duvet cover. If you're asking, "what is a duvet cover?", we have a blog here that will answer any Duvet Cover questions that you might have! 

Putting on a Duvet Cover Using the Roll Method

  1. Turn your duvet cover inside-out and lay it flat on the floor
  2. Spread your comforter out on-top of the duvet cover
  3. Start to roll the duvet cover and comforter from the closed side of the duvet cover
  4. Reach inside the corners of the duvet cover and pull through the whole roll from end to end
  5. Unroll the duvet cover
  6. Shake out the duvet cover and comforter
  7. Make sure the corners of the comforter meet with the corners of the duvet cover
  8. Enjoy your new duvet

For those visually inclined, here is an awesome video of the duvet cover California roll trick. The duvet cover California roll trick is not the only way to put on a duvet cover, but it's the most effective we've used. Use this duvet cover trick to quickly and easily put on your duvet cover after cleaning.