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Make College Comfortable

College dorm bedding does not have to be a nightmare. Let us help you make your college experience comfortable.

The Six Steps to a Perfect Dorm Room

We've all heard terrifying stories about dorm room bedding. The mattresses are old, worn out, and just plain NOT COMFORTABLE. This six step "wonderlist" will guide you to creating the perfect dorm room setup. From our top-rated Twin XL 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress to the Twin XL Bed Sheets, we have you covered. Every product mentioned here will last more than a couple semesters and will make studying for those big test all the more comfortable.

Step 1: A Better Mattress

Ditch the ratty mattress provided by your college and start the semester our right! Our 10" Gel Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress has awesome ratings and is the perfect first step to changing your college dorm.

Step 2: Add A Pad

Turn your mattress, new or old, into a cloud with our extra plush mattress pads & toppers. Choose from Rayon from Bamboo, our double thick, or even our standard pads favored by Marriott hotels.

Step 3: The Perfect Sheets

Twin XL fitted and flat sheets are the staple of a college dorm. We have Sateen & Percale Egyptian Cotton, Cotton Rich Blend, and Rayon from Bamboo sheets that will transform your college dorm bed!

Step 4: Don't Forget Duvets

Whether it's spring, fall, or winter, we have the duvets and comforters to match your needs. The Down Alternative reversible color comforters are perfect for dorm rooms. If you're looking for something with a little more "umpf", then check out the Duck Down Comforter and the Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers.

Step 5: Rest Your Head

Pillows are ultra-important for a college dorm room. You will be studying...A LOT and you need some comfort for those long nights. Pay special attention to the Reading Wedge Pillow; it's the perfect study companion!

Step 6: Stay Luxuriously Clean

There's nothing like a thick and thirsty towel. Our Egyptian Cotton and Rayon from Bamboo Towel Sets will last semester to semester.