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The Modern Mattress Buying Experience

The Modern Mattress Buying Experience

Buying a mattress the traditional way is, to be honest, just awkward. You go to your traditional mattress warehouse and are surrounded by sales people like a used car lot. Once you choose your salesman, you lie down and attempt to get comfortable on multiple mattresses with an audience of one watching your every move. It's weird and no one likes it. The old mattress-buying experience is a world with no return policies, no personal service, marked-up prices into the thousands of dollars and, after all that, you have to determine a way to get the mattress to your home.
Luckily, this is the old way. At, we offer you the modern mattress buying experience. One that requires very little of your time, effort, and presents no inconvenience whatsoever.

eLuxury has surpassed the drawn-out supply chains of traditional mattress sales and brings your new mattress right to your doorstep at an affordable price.

Buying the Mattress Online

It doesn't get much easier than buying your mattress online. First up, you go to and choose from our 12 inch Gel Memory Foam & Latex Innerspring Hybrid Mattress or our 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Before you make your choice, you have plenty of mattress reviews to read to see what real customers think about the product instead of taking a mattress salesperson on commission at their word. You then choose the best memory foam mattress for you, pick your bed size, and finish checkout. That's it...done and done.

Shipping the Mattress

eLuxury's Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are vacuum-packed into thin cylinders and packaged in a box that is easily shipped. This allows the mattress to be shipped for reasonable prices and to arrive directly to your doorstep within a week.

You can carry this box into your home, through your halls, and right to the bed frame. Open the box and cut open the packaging. Let the mattress expand for a few hours and you are ready to try it out.




The eLuxury modern mattress buying experience also offers something that you would never find in any of the big box stores: We offer a 120-day return policy and full money back guarantee for all of our Gel Memory Foam Mattresses. If you're not satisfied at any point in that 120 day period, you call us, we have the mattress picked up and you get your money back. That's it, done and done. Our mattress also comes with a 10 year limited warranty that covers any defects.

The Modern Mattress Buying Experience is here, so don't go with the old way and buy an overpriced mattress that you can't return. Feel safe and get the best mattress that you will ever own today at To see all of our eLuxury Mattresses and Accessories, CLICK HERE.