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Everyone hears a lot of babble about thread count being the be-all-end-all, but is it really? Thread count, by definition, is the measurement of the amount of threads in a single square-inch of fabric. This means, the higher the thread count, the more material there will be. The real question should be, what does thread count mean in regards to how the sheet feels? The simple answer is the lower the thread count, the lighter the sheet; the higher the thread count, the heavier the sheet.

Here is a very general breakout of our thread counts and their features:

Low Thread Counts (300 – 500)

  • Super soft after the first wash
  • Thinnest and lightest thread count (average set weight of 4 - 5 lbs.)
  • Basic durability

Medium Thread Counts (500 – 800)

  • Super soft after a couple washes
  • Average thickness and weight due to thread count (average set weight of 6 - 7 lbs.)
  • Higher durability

High Thread Counts (1000 - 1500)

  • Super soft after many washes
  • Thickest and heaviest due to thread count (average set weight of 9 - 10 lbs.)
  • Highest durability
Please note that the durability factor is heavily based on following the washing-instructions to a “T”.

The best way to describe the difference between durability and softness in materials is by comparing denim jeans and a cotton tee-shirt. When you buy denim jeans, which are extremely high thread count, they are stiff and rough. Tee-shirts on the other hand are usually very soft right off the bat. Over time, the tee-shirt will wear down and damage easier than the jeans will, but nothing is more comfortable than a well-worn pair of denim jeans. Finding a balance between softness and durability is about knowing what you want. If live you in the northern-reaches of the Canada and you want to stay warm, a high thread count bed sheet might be what you need; these high-thread count sheets will, over time and after a couple washes, become just as soft as the 300 thread count sheets are out of the box. Vice versa, if you live in the Sahara Desert, you may want to get a light-weight low thread count sheet. These will wear easier than the higher thread counts, but they will be light and soft right off the bat. For the majority of people, who do not live in the extreme climates mentioned above, the middle thread counts (530, 650, and 800) offer a great middle-of-the-road mixture of durability and softness out of the box.