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Weaves are the building blocks of the "feel" of a sheet set. The two most well known weaves are sateen and percale. One of the most common questions about weavse is, what is the difference between percale and sateen? We are here to answer that question and many others about weaves...


The sateen weave is known for being silky smooth and shiny. Sateen weaves are made by weaving three-over-one-under. This creates a greater surface area on the sheet. This gives the sheets a silkier feel and a very shiny surface. All of eLuxurySupply's Egyptian cotton sheets (except the percale sheets) are sateen weave bed sheets.


The twill weave is what most pants are made of. If you look at your jeans or dress pants, you should see a diagonal pattern of parallel ribs; this is the twill weave. eLuxurysupply's viscose rayon from bamboo sheets and duvet covers are all constructed of twill weaves.


The percale weave is most associated with the word, "crisp." Whether it was grandma's crisp white sheets or those summer cottage sheets that were always as crisp as the day you bought them; it was always percale. Percale weaves are made by using a plain weave, one-over-one-under pattern. This creates a light, crisp, and strong bed sheet.


While microfiber is a material, there is microfiber weave as well. The microfiber weave is an extremely tight plain weave made with only microfiber threads. This weave/thread combination helps insulate and keep bed bugs/allergens away from the inner bedding. All of eLuxurySupply's comforters have microfiber top-layers.