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Cordova Metal Bed Frame
Cordova Metal Bed Frame
Cordova Metal Bed Frame
Cordova Metal Bed Frame
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Cordova Metal Bed Frame

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About This Item

  • Description



    Have you been searching for a new bed frame? This can be tricky at times, especially considering stylistic choices and the hassle it can be to put the bed frame itself together.

    If this sounds like you, look no further! Here at eLuxury, our Cordova Metal Bed frame is easy to put together and wonderfully modern and stylish, elevating the look of your bedroom with ease! 

    More About Our Cordova Metal Bed Frame

    The bed frame comes in multiple sizes, fitting a full, queen, king, and California king-sized bed. Made from the finest of materials ensuring that you will get the most use out of this wonderful addition to your bedroom. 

    This bed frame also has a wonderful look to it — it’s a bed frame that equally encapsulates modern tastes while also evoking an air of vintage, old-time authenticity.

    Additionally, our headboard has an adjustable feature where you can change the height depending on your needs and aesthetic wishes. The headboard can sit at 45 inches at its lowest and can go as high as 49 inches. If you need under-bed storage, this space comes in handy. 

    Vintage Style Beds: What To Know

    While it has the appearance of a vintage bed frame, you won’t have the issues associated with actual antique beds.

    For example, 19th-century and Victorian beds were pretty small. In fact, they were about three-quarters of a full-size bed frame. So, while vintage headboards are beautiful, if you want to add one to your bedroom furniture, you might be out of luck. 

    If you love the retro aesthetic, you’re better off purchasing a frame inspired by your era of choice. Whether that be mid-century modern, art deco, or something else, you can rely on 21st-century designers to bring the brass bed or wrought iron appearance to the king-size mattress you love

    Similarly, you can use quilts or furniture to support your style. Drape a shabby chic or boho-style duvet cover over a daybed and call it a day. The inverse is also true — if you have a more old-fashioned canopy bed or four-poster bed, add a sleek, modern nightstand to bring your wood or cast iron bed to the present day. 

    Metal Matters 

    Since the bed frame is also constructed out of very high-quality metal, you won’t have to worry about any visible wear and tear that you may notice on a wooden or fabric headboard. 

    The metal is also very strong compared to other types of materials that various bed frames come in, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth if you decide to purchase our lovely bed frame! The heavy-duty materials are meant to withstand prolonged hours of a range of different weights and will not break under any sort of pressure. 

    While a headboard and footboard can certainly be stylish, you want a mattress foundation that holds up. 

    Simple Construction 

    Sometimes, putting together a bed frame can take up a whole lot of time, and here at eLuxury, we know you have plenty of things on your agenda. This bed frame should not take very long to construct at all! Within five minutes, the bed frame comes together and is just as easily deconstructed if need be! 

    Additionally, when you order our bed frame, we make sure that you will have what you need to bring it all together. We will include one tool that will help with the construction of the frame so that you don’t have to worry about going out and buying something to make sure your lovely bed frame comes together. 

    Don’t worry about complicated instructions for building; this bed frame is guaranteed to come together as quickly and smoothly as possible! 

    Carpet or Rug in the Room? No Problem. 

    Have a carpeted room or a rug that is normally lying beneath your bed? Perfect! This bed frame is supported best when it is sitting right above a rug or carpet. You won’t have to worry about moving it to a different spot or switching up the setup within your room. You can relocate in a snap. 

    Modern Metals, Vintage Feel

    This metal bed frame is the perfect combination of industrial design and approachable comfort. Designed with durable carbon steel construction and covered in an antique pewter hue, this bed snaps together in four easy steps.

    Not only will you enjoy the ultimate sophistication that this bed frame with a headboard delivers, but you’ll also be enamored with the curved framing paired with straight center lines. Simplicity meets sophistication with this full bed.

  • Specifications


    • Weight capacity: 650 lbs.
    • 4 center support legs included for queen, king, and cal king sizes
    • Headboard can be adjusted to 2 heights: 45” and 49”
    • Easy Assembly: In less than 5 minutes, this frame unfolds like an accordion and snaps
    • Supported best when setup on carpets or rugs.
    • Hardware included: Includes one box and one tool.

  • Dimensions


    • Full: 54" (H) x 63.5" (W) x 84" (L)

    • Queen: 54" (H) x 79.5" (W) x 84" (L)

    • King: 54" (H) x 80.25" (W) x 85.5" (L)

    • Cal King: 54" (H) x 76.25" (W) x 91.5" (L)
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