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Tencel Top Mattress Pad
Tencel Top Mattress Pad
Tencel Top Mattress Pad
Tencel Top Mattress Pad

Tencel Top Mattress Pad

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About This Item

  • Description



    Sleep in super-plush comfort with this Tencel mattress pad. It’s breathable, soft, luxurious, and thicker than most other mattress covers. The pad is also Oeko-Tex certified, so you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals in the fabric.

    A healthier, cozier sleep can be yours when you pair it with any mattress with up to 18-inch pockets. Give your bed an easy upgrade to a more premium, luxurious mattress pad.

    What Are the Benefits of a Mattress Pad

    You may be wondering if you even need a mattress pad or mattress topper to begin with or what it can even do in terms of improving your sleep. Mattress pads have a long list of benefits.

    Here are some of the things that you can expect: 

    Extends Your Mattress’ Lifespan

    Mattress pads help maintain your current mattress’ durability and lifespan. Think of it as a sort of protective layer above your mattress. This way, you can keep your bed for as long as possible with a mattress pad sitting above your bed. 

    Add in a waterproof mattress pad or mattress protector to keep that Queen or King size bed truly fit for royalty. 

    Added Support & Comfortability

    A mattress pad helps make your mattress kinder to your back and neck. This pad will cushion to conform to the shape of your body, making it that much easier to get that shut-eye that you have been craving.

    Cost Effective

    If you have been looking to upgrade your mattress without breaking the bank, a mattress pad is a great method for doing so. They cost far less than replacing a deep-pocket mattress. This will push off that day when you have to think about a replacement for your current mattress. 

    Helps with Allergies

    Does the “soft as a feather bed” sleep philosophy make you feel stressed? You’re not alone — feathers are common allergies. This quiltedbed topper is a luxe down alternative. 

    Sometimes, bacteria that can come from sweat, dead skin, dust mites, leftover cosmetic material, and other unwanted irritants can lay on top of your mattress. With a hypoallergenicdown alternative mattress pad, you can strip it off your mattress and give it a wash to rid yourself of any of these problems you may be facing. 

    Benefits of Tencel

    When it comes to this mattress pad’s specifications, it is imbued with Tencel, helping you to get an even more comfortable sleep than before.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the material, here is a short list of its benefits. 

    • Moisture Absorbent: If you live in a particularly humid area or tend to sweat when you sleep, a Tencel mattress pad is perfect for alleviating this issue. Tencel has moisture-wicking qualities. Add in a cooling gelmattress protector, and you’re set.
    • Breathability: Another great trait for any of you that struggle with excessive amounts of heat, Tencel is known for its breathability. The material will leave you feeling cool and refreshed upon waking up in the morning. 
    • Eco-Friendly: Tencel is derived from different kinds of wood pulp, more commonly from eucalyptus. You can rest easy knowing that you’re sleeping on an environmentally-friendly product. This pad is free of any harmful chemicals.
    • Softness: Love your high thread countsheet set and matching pillowcases? We get it. Tencel is also known for how it is soft to the touch. Getting into bed will feel better than ever. 

    Ten Out of Ten

    You planned every inch of your home decor, reading the full reviews and product details. Luckily, this is an easy, breezy option. From twin sized (including Twin XL) to Cal King, this mattress pad offers unparalleled accessibility for every home. 

    If you are looking for a product free of chemicals, full of cooling properties, and just a piece of bedding that will positively impact the type of sleep you get, then this mattress pad is essential to get the rest you deserve!

  • Specifications


    • Natural, eco-friendly Perfect for all seasons Prevents bacterial growth Materials:

    • A state-of-the-art down alternative fiberfill that has the feel of authentic goose & duck down without the feather poking or allergies.

    • Filling: 100% Polyester, Top Cover: 70% Polyester / 30% Tencel Lyocell, Bottom: 70% Polyester / Knitted fabric Care

    • Wash: Machine Washable in warm water with no center agitator.
  • Dimensions


    • Twin Size: 39" x 76", + 1.5" thick

    • Twin XL Size: 39" x 80"+ 1.5" thick

    • Full Size: 54" x 76"+ 1.5" thick

    • Queen Size: 60" x 80"+ 1.5" thick

    • King Size: 76" x 80"+ 1.5" thick

    • Cal King Size: 72" x 84"+ 1.5" thick 
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