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Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic Dog Beds

It’s beyond obvious thanks to our social media today how much we truly love our pets. They are the only ones in this crazy world who love us unconditionally, never talk back, and are happiest when we fill their bellies once or twice a day. We love to reciprocate their affection with belly rubs, long walks and especially blasting their photo on our Instagram accounts. Just take a look at @dogsofinstagram which has over 2.8 MILLION followers! You think that’s a lot of followers, check out @cats_of_instagram with 5.7 MILLION followers! We certainly love our pets and we’re proud to show them off to the world.

Here at eLuxury we’re no different when it comes to our furry buddies. We love our four legged friends so much we even went and had specialty pet beds constructed to offer top notch comfort for dogs and/or cats. The fact is dogs love to sleep, most dogs sleep between 12 to 14 hours a day, making sleep a big part of their lives. Why not give your pet the comfort and rest it needs and deserves for all that unconditional love with our high quality dog beds? eLuxury brings a wide range of beds for your dog. We also offer multiple sizes for all types of dogs.


waterproof dog bed

These beds come fully assembled and are made with a latex and base foam. The cover is 100% waterproof and protects the interior from all fluids. You know, when Fido just can’t hold it any longer (wink, wink). The covers are also removable and machine washable with a zip closer. Another great option about these beds are they can be used indoors or outdoors. No more ugly dog beds either, you have a wide selection of eye-catching patterns, colors, and sizes to accommodate your pets choice of interior design.

Size Dimensions:
  • Small: 22" x 27" x 5"
  • Medium/Large: 27" x 36" x 5"
  • Huge: 36" x 45" x 5"

The 5" Thick Soft/Firm Reversible Natural Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed will quickly become your dog's favorite hangout.

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