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How To Tuesday - The Top Sheet

How To Tuesday - The Top Sheet

Did you know you've probably been making your bed wrong? Most top sheets, like our Egyptian cotton sheet sets, have two different finishes on the two sides of the sheet. One side is usually smoother and appears almost shiny, while the other side is a flat color and appears more dull. Most people make their bed with the shiny side facing up because it is more visually appealing, however that is not the formal way to apply the top sheet.

If you are using a comforter or duvet (we used our Zaria heavy quilt in the video), it is actually proper to put the top sheet on the bed with the shiny side facing down. Next you would apply your comforter or duvet to your bed. Finally you would fold the head end of your top sheet back over the comforter, revealing the decorative piping or collar on the shiny side.

This technique offers an extra little touch of luxury to any bedroom. Do you use this technique? Share your thoughts in the comments!

"How to Tuesday" is a new informational video series we are launching. It will be updated bi-weekly with new tips and tutorials in the realm of luxury bed & bath.
Stay tuned!

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