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Paul Saunders, Entrepreneur of the Year

Paul Saunders, Entrepreneur of the Year
The Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce recently released this video about our owner and CEO, Paul Saunders. Paul won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2014 from the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Paul is not one to brag or to boast about his success but he does love to brag on his team. In this video, Paul speaks out about his journey from a one-man operation out of his garage to a 60,000 square foot warehouse with a full operations and eCommerce team. When he started this business he was told that he could not run a successful eCommerce business in the mid-west. He disagreed and proved them all wrong. Paul is a native of Evansville, IN and he truly loves his community. Building and running his business from his hometown is one of his greatest joys of his success. Special thanks goes out to Doug Claybourne and Kim Howard from ISBDC, Bob Uebelhor and Jack Buttrum from SCORE, Deidra Conner and Evansville ARC Industries, Legence Bank of Evansville, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke of Evansville Indiana and all of Paul's family and the eLuxury team.

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