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Throw Back Thursday - Grandma’s Crisp Percale Sheets

Throw Back Thursday - Grandma’s Crisp Percale Sheets

Do you remember spending nights at grandma’s house when you were younger? Personally, I remember my grandmother allowing me to stay up late and get away with things my parents would never.  I’m sure that many have the same memories at grandma’s as I do, including grandma’s crisp percale sheets!  I will never forget the fun I had spending all day with grandma having fun during the hot and humid Indiana summers.  

Of everything, the best part had to be the refreshingly crisp sheets grandma had on all the beds!  It could be the hottest and muggiest of all days, yet the crisp percale sheets allowed for the perfect, cooling nights rest each and every time. Many of us remember the sheets grandma used but we don’t exactly know what “percale sheet” truly means.  

So, what exactly are percale sheets and what makes them different than sateen sheets?  Percale is a term that refers to the construction of the material used in the sheet.  Percale sheets and pillowcases are woven very tightly into a durable pattern, typically 180-200 threads per square inch; our percale sheets are 300 thread count!  

The main difference between percale and sateen weaves is the top layer of the weave.  With a percale weave the threads cross after every thread, whereas with the sateen weave the threads cross every three threads (as seen below).  Simply, percale is one thread over, one under.  Sateen is three threads over, one thread over.

There’s a reason your wise grandmother choose percale sheets.  The percale weave allows for sheets to feel smooth, crisp, durable, breathable and easy to wash.  Percale sheets are cool to the touch, making them a good choice in warmer climates and hot sleepers.  

In addition Egyptian cotton percale sheets are known to not leave deposits of lint and fluff in the dryer filter when washed and hold up extremely well after many washings. Whether it’s on a workday night or a lazy Sunday morning, there’s nothing like relaxing in the comfort of soft, luxurious sheets that are cool and breathable to the touch but keep you cozy and warm when there’s a chill in the air.  

Egyptian cotton percale sheets have numerous benefits and are sure to satisfy many types of sleepers, especially those in warmer and more humid climates.  If you have fond memories of the relaxing stay you only got at your grandmother’s house, percale sheets may just be the perfect fit for you!

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