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Words from the Crowd: Sarah Pagliasotti

Words from the Crowd: Sarah Pagliasotti
  Today in Words from the Crowd, we are featuring an email we received from one of our new customers, Sarah Pagliasotti...
I got home yesterday to find a package I had ordered from your company as well as another package I ordered from another company.  Before I even opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a handwritten “thank you” on one box.  It made me think about how rare it was to see this gesture anymore, if ever.  I opened the box to find my bed spread underneath a brief story about your company with a business card attached.  Not only that, the note had my name at the top and another handwritten statement of gratitude at the bottom.  Having a background in sales and customer service, I tremendously appreciate this kind of gratitude.  I am on the brink of rolling in a new “exceptional experience” program for my company and I am using your letter as an example of what a stellar experience looks like. Not only do you have a new customer for life, I feel compelled to advertise for you based on my experience.  So I posted my experience on Facebook and encouraged all of my friends to remember you when they not only want a great shopping experience but quality product as well.  My comforter felt amazing last night! Thank you for your effort, implementation, and for raising the bar! Sincerely, A VERY happy customer!
Ms. Pagliasotti, we cannot thank you enough for your business and your kind words. It has been a pillar of our culture from the beginning to take care of our customers. The personal touches and personal thank you letters are the least we can do to sincerely appreciated each and every customer that chooses eLuxurySupply for their bedding and bath needs. tenforten_landingpage   This week we are offering 10% off to everyone with code TENFORTEN. Every day this week we will choose one order that used this code and put a $10 bill in the box. Use code TENFORTEN this week and this week only to get a chance at getting a $10 bill with your order! Friends, until next time.

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