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Study In Color II: Staying Neutral

Study In Color II: Staying Neutral

So you’ve just moved in. Standing in your new bedroom, even the thought of inspiration seems an inconceivable notion. How will you fill this space? Make it yours? After all, HGTV makes interior design seem like child’s play. In only a mere 30 minutes (20 if you don't count commercials), the insanely stylish designer has transformed the big city loft into an extravagant work of art. Can that happen here in your own little slice of the world? The answer to that question isn’t quite black and white. It’s neutral. In this latest edition of A Study In Color, the title seems a bit… off. Rather than telling you about “pops” of color we’ll be talking about the lack of color (neutral colors, in other words) and what it can do for an interior space.

Allow Furnishings To Shine

Neutral colors allow the furnishings you already own to stand out and “shine” on their own. For example, let’s say you own a luxurious shag area rug and an aged leather sofa. I’d assume you’re proud of each (hypothetical) item and do not want them overshadowed by a boisterous orange wall color. Neutral colors really allow textures in your room to stand out and create a warm welcoming environment.


 Neutral colors are comfortable in more than one way. Picture yourself for a minute on a lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing in your living room. You’re cozy, you’re comfortable. What color are your walls? I’d venture to guess this mental picture we’ve painted consists of warm neutral colors. Bright vivid colors, while fun, can cause a slight sense of urgency or unease in the mind when taken in overwhelming doses (four walls, for example). How else are neutral colors comfortable? They help keep many within their comfort zone. Many folks in this world simply do not like in-your-face color. Neutral colors help keep everyone happy. This can especially come in handy if you ever decide to move. How many times have you seen an expert on television urge the homeowners to paint there walls a nice shade of neon green before they put their home on the market? Never.

Let Your Tastes Take Center Stage

You just purchased a beautiful new painting. Now ask yourself: when this new work of art is hanging on the wall, what are people going to notice first? Your new (insert artist of choice here) or your pink walls? The answer here is blatantly obvious. Let the things you fill your home with take center stage. Wall color can help define “you”, but some prefer their books, photos, furniture, and decorations to show off their personal tastes. Neutral colors only help.

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