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Customer Service Chronicles: Episode 1

Customer Service Chronicles: Episode 1

This is Eric K, with eLuxury Customer Service.

In the land of customer service, you see many types of people from many backgrounds, but occasionally some people you help just stay with you. I was not born in the town I work in, but moved here when I was only a year old. I don't remember anything from the town in Colorado I was born in, and to this day, have not gotten a chance to go back and connect with my roots.

Working here, I talk to people from all over the country as well as the world, and get the opportunity to learn more of what all else is truly out there. Some time back, a customer had called in with general inquiries about his order. Upon researching his order, I realized he was from the town I was born in.

After handling his question, curiosity naturally got the best of me. I asked him what his hometown was like,and told him my story. Come to find out, he was from around here and had been gone for years. This person was more than happy to tell me more about my birthplace. This began to become quite the conversation, so I had asked they would be okay with emailing personally. They were kind enough to accept.

Over the last few months we've emailed back and forth. I've learned many things about the town I was born in as well as much of the history of the area. In turn, I've told him about all the growth and updates that have happened around this neck of the woods. Getting into a customer service job, I never anticipated gaining a friend across the country.

Though we've pretty well talked about nearly everything to talk about our towns, our emails still continue to this day. We catch up on the latest events and happenings of our areas, as well friends and family. We send holiday greetings and even cards now. Any time they wish to purchase new items, I'm always they're go to source, and we still do business today, only now the conversations have much more depth. And to you out there in Colorado, you know who you are. Thank you, talk to you soon buddy!

  Eric Kendall started with eLuxury in November 2014 and has since been a valued member of the eLuxurycustomer service team (and the face of our online chat). Eric likes listening to a wide-variety of music, playing semi-professional football, and going to out-of-state comic-cons. Chat with Eric today at!

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