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Expert Lane Series - Color Palettes for your Bedroom

Expert Lane Series - Color Palettes for your Bedroom


So, your walls are white. You’re not alone. Maybe you like the clean appeal of white walls, and to each his (or her) own. However, a key concept to keep in mind when decorating a home is contrast. A quick Google search will tell us that contrast is defined as ”the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.” With that in mind, we find ourselves at a great starting point. What contrasts with white? Well, pretty much anything. A few stronger options to consider for adding pop to your white bedroom are reds, oranges, or yellows. Warm colors such as these tend to stand out best against white. A vibrant comforter like our Color Block comforter will add a beautiful splash of color to your day.

Popular Palettes

Let’s say you’d like to try a few colors rather than just one. We suggest experimenting with palettes of colors that work well together. A hot trend right now is a red, white, and blue color palette. While it may sound a little too “4th Of July”, it can be a strikingly simple and subtle choice to spice up your bed or bath.

Another great example can be warm earth tones. Picture your bathroom with chocolate colored towels neatly folded on the counter, a creamy taupe bath rug keeping your feet warm, and an ultra soft burgundy bath robe to set it all off.

Staying Neutral

Neutral colors are comfortable option when it comes to palettes. Picture yourself for a minute on a lazy sunday afternoon, relaxing in your living room. You’re cozy, you’re comfortable. What color are your walls? I’d venture to guess this mental picture we’ve painted consists of warm neutral colors. Bright vivid colors, while fun, can cause a slight sense of urgency or unease in the mind when taken in overwhelming doses (four walls, for example).

How else are neutral colors comfortable? They help keep many within their comfort zone. Many folks in this world simply do not like in-your-face color. Neutral colors help keep everyone happy. This can especially come in handy if you ever decide to move. How many times have you seen an expert on television urge the homeowners to paint their walls a nice shade of neon green before they put their home on the market? Never.

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