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Review of the Week: "Sleepy 61"

Review of the Week:


When I realized my daughter much loved latex pillow was dry rotting-as she would not part with it, I knew we needed new ones. I searched Latex Pillows online and bought the pillows with the consistently highest rankings within a $100-$200 price. This pillow had the best ranking and guarantees over all-and was cheaper than that. (About $130 for TWO, as I remember. It also comes with a very nice, plush cover, rather than the typical covers that come on latex pillows which is more like cheesecloth-and needs another cover over it. It was shipped immediately, received within two days, was well packaged, and both the box and the invoice had a hand written thank you on them. The return policy is reasonable-if you don't like it return it. And the shipping and returns are free. The best part though is hat this is a great pillow. It is very clean looking, had a small smell but once I washed the covers, it didn't smell at all. (I've had latex before so I knew it would have a small smell-but for those who don't know, it's an important piece of advice!) All four of us like the pillow and use it every day! The daughter who was using a dry rotting pillow (she is an adult-washed AND dried it in the cover,because she had seen me do that-but she didn't realize I hadn't dried it! We are not supposed to wash these but I still wonder if I leave it in the cover, in a washer without an agitator, if is ok. I also wonder is it's possible to make pillows of your quality with different softness factors. I love mine-and love the loft-but may daughter likes a very low loft, soft pillow-and although she likes her pillow, it is not as much as the rest of us. Still, the rest of us love it and I want to replace all of he pillows in my house. I will buy more!! -sleepy 61
Thank you for the great review, Sleepy 61! You can find our 100% Natural Latex Pillow here.

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Dustin Vowels
Sep 28, 2015

Love the article

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