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10 Ways to Make Your Bed

10 Ways to Make Your Bed

We get a lot of questions along the lines of, "I just bought these great sheets from eluxurysupply, but now what?" or "So, I put the sheet on the bed?" We figured we'd clear the air and offer a little advice on how to use our products. These are 10 ways you could make your bed.

The Styles

Quick & Easy

Just give your comforter a shake and your pillow a pat. Viola! You have the "Quick & Easy".

The Mom

Do you like throw pillows? Do you add throw pillows to your throw pillows? Then you may enjoy "The Mom".

The Guest Bed

There has never been a more perfect bed than "The Guest Bed". Make sure you take a picture before you use it!

The Bachelor

"Eh... I'll get to it. Eventually."

The Bed Wetter

Whether it's you or your child, there is no shame in "The Bed Wetter". You can fix it with a little newspaper.

The Pet Owner

There's an unspoken bond between pet owners; We all share the pain of shedding on the sheets and floors and clothes and...

The Hangover


The Parent

Can you ever really finish anything as a parent? We all know what happens the second we take our eyes off of them.

The Neat Freak

One does not simply make a bed. There are calculations to perform and measurements to take! It's basically a science.

The Hotel

"Put it on my card."

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