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eLuxury in the News: Faces of Trade

eLuxury in the News: Faces of Trade

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is featuring a "Faces of Trade" series on their website and we were honored to be one of the 42 businesses currently featured. The series is highlighting U.S.-based companies that are utilizing U.S. trade policies to help small businesses create an international presence and help grow the U.S. economy. | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Faces of Trade

eLuxury CEO Paul Saunders explains in the feature that eLuxury has grown from a business "founded in the corner of a garage in 2009 with one person’s life savings"  to company that exported over $1.5 million worth of products, which accounted for 5% of the total revenue for 2017". 

Saunders says that U.S trade policies have helped us to get eLuxury products to customers overseas and benefit the company and the economy stateside: 

"We realized that if we wanted to continue to grow the company and expand our sales base, we needed to seek opportunities to sell our products beyond our borders. Today, we export to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union. International business has been a valuable addition to our company’s strategy. Last year, we exported over $1.5 million worth of products, accounting for approximately 5% of our total revenue.". 

Click here to read the full feature on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's website. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce points out on their website that "half of all U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on exports, one in three acres on American farms is planted for international sales, and 49 out of every 50 U.S. companies that ship to other countries are small businesses". 

The 42 businesses featured in the series span the entire country in 42 different industries that are benefiting from our U.S. Trade policies. 

To share your Faces of Trade story with the U.S Chamber of Commerce, you can join the conversation with the hashtag #FacesofTrade on Twitter

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