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eLuxury Summer Essentials

eLuxury Summer Essentials

The warm weather is finally here, people! We’ve been patiently waiting for those longer days and warmer nights. The kids are out of school, the pools are opened up, and everyone is ready to get outside. Are your deck or patio ready to entertain? Have you tucked away that down blanket and those 1500 thread count sheets? Do you have summer bedding? Here is a quick list of the eLuxury Summer essentials that will make summer a little more comfortable for you and your family.

Pool time! 

eLuxury Summer Essentials

Dipping your feet into the pool after a long hot day is the best feeling in the world.  Many a summer day is spent by the pool or lake and we have some great accessories to enhance the enjoyment! For instance: The Sunbrella Pool float!  The 69”x 44” pool float allows for plenty of room to lay and enjoy those rays of sunshine, while still dipping your feet in! This pool float is fade resistant and is rated for 2000 hours of direct sunlight. You’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful color for many summers to come! 

The Sunbrella fabric is treated with a fluorocarbon finish for maximum water resistance and all Sunbrella products are made is the USA and come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Luxury Beach Towels

From beach lounging to drying off, our beach towels have you covered. These 34”x 64” beach towels provide ample lounging space and enough towel to dry you from your swimming activities. These towels are 450GSM, 2 ply, and are made from 100% combed cotton. They also have an extremely convenient loop on the back for easy hanging! Check out one of our many favorites, the Peace and Love towel!

eLuxury Summer Essentials

Outdoor Mats for your Patio

eLuxury Summer Essentials

Are you looking for something to spice up your deck or patio? Is your backyard hangout lacking a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi? Well, that’s where we come in. We here at eLuxury have the perfect thing to pull your summer cookouts and poolside lounge together. Our Mad Mats outdoor mats come in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is certainly a size and color that will match your outdoor décor.

These outdoor rugs are environmentally friendly, fade resistant, easy to clean, and reversible!  One of our favorite qualities is the reversible option, because you can change the look of your area with the flip of a rug. Some of our fun color options are violet, aqua/green and rust; It should be a warm Summer breeze finding décor to go with these colors. 

Cooler Sheets equal Cooler Sleep

With the temperatures rising all over the country, we surely know that summer is here! Many people who don’t switch their sheets out for the warmer weather will find themselves burning up in sheets that are way, way too thick for the Summer months. We highly suggest getting a lighter set of sheets for the hot weather that breathe better than those thicker luxury sheets you are using in December. Our bamboo sheets are the best way to go because, not only are they incredibly soft, but the rayon from Bamboo that they are made with allows amazing breathability and even better heat distribution. These sheets are key to keeping you cooler at night while you’re sleeping. A low thread count is ideal for the summer due to the fact that the threads are sewn in a looser pattern allowing for more air to reach your body.  We offer these sheets in a multitude of colors and sizes from Twin all the way to King.

Whether you plan on spending your days poolside or tucked away in your home, eLuxury has the Summer essentials to keep you cool and having fun during these hot months . Comment below on how you plan to stay cool this summer and beat this heat!

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