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5 Accent Furniture Ideas To Add to Your Family Room

5 Accent Furniture Ideas To Add to Your Family Room

The family room is a beautiful place in the home. It’s where you and your kids relax, have fun, and make those special family memories. It’s also probably the home to a fair bit of chaos, confusion, and wild behavior from the little ones. 

Just because your family room is the host of some crazy scenes doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make it look nice with some beautiful accent furniture.

So today, we’re going to share furniture pieces that will elevate your family room. These pieces will not only help your room look and feel better, but they’ll serve a practical function to help the room work better as a whole.

Keep reading for life-changing interior design tips! 

What Is a Family Room?

Before we talk about what furniture goes best in the family room, we first need to discuss what a family room is. Once we understand its function, you’ll be able to make the right pick for yourself. 

A Casual Living Space

Not every home has a family room, but those that do know that it’s a wonderful space for the family to hang out without any pressure. It’s not typically a room for hosting guests, parties, or dinners. Instead, it’s a room designed for the family of the home to be able to be themselves in. 

So it’s a room to chill out and watch movies in, a room where the kids can play with a bunch of their favorite toys and run around to get out their endless energy. It’s a place where your family can be themselves, where they spend most of their downtime throughout the day.

Family Room vs. Living Room

You might have just read that and thought that it sounds very similar to what happens in your living room. And in homes that only have one central, neutral space, you would be right. In larger homes where there are two of these rooms, typically, one will act as the family room, and one will be the living room

The family room is a casual space where the family can unwind and relax without the pressure of having to make the room look perfect in the case of guests. The formal living room is more of a formal gathering space. It’s definitely still great for relaxing and winding down, but it acts much better as a place to host guests, sit down and have a glass of wine, and have more formal occasions.

General Interior Design Tips

Let’s talk about some overall guidelines for interior design before we let loose and go browsing for furniture. 

Pick a Style

The first step, and the most fun, is to pick an interior design style and stick with it. Having a bunch of mismatched pieces from different styles can make a room feel chaotic and even stressful. But a unified space is a happy one. 

There are so many different styles out there for you to choose from. Let’s walk through a couple of the most popular contemporary styles. 

Scandinavian is one of the most popular modern styles. It pairs elements of minimalism with warm neutrals and a cozy atmosphere, and it’s all about that sweet, sweet natural light. Every piece serves a purpose to make a light and comfortable aura.

Modern farmhouse is another fantastic and cozy option. It values comfort, wood tones and earthy colors, and rustic materials. 

Industrial creates a darker mood, opting for dark grays and browns. You’ll see a lot of open ceilings, matte metal, and concrete. It’s sophisticated and minimal but has hints of grunge and toughness.

Bohemian is a style that emphasizes fun. If you want to lean into eclectic furniture and a wide array of bright colors, this style is for you. This style is full of fun knick-knacks and emphasizes your personality. 

Mid-century modern is one of the most distinctive styles out there. It has striking geometry, with sharp angles contrasting with bold, smooth curves. You’ll see lots of leather, lots of wood, and lots of class. 

Color Scheme

After you’ve got your style picked out, it’s time to find your color scheme. Without a cohesive color scheme, you’re basically throwing your room to the wolves. Pick colors that emphasize and compliment natural light to create a positive, productive atmosphere. 

In general, it’s a good idea to build most of the room with neutral colors and designate select pieces for those beautiful pops of color. Simply pick a color palette of four or five colors and stick to it. 

Function and Form

Finally, when it comes to family room design in particular, it’s vital to get pieces that combine function and form. By that, we mean that each furniture piece should look good but also have a practical purpose in the room, with multiple functions if possible.

Multifunctionality is immensely valuable in the family room. Try to prioritize storage wherever you can, but try not to compromise good looks. 

Family Room Ideas for Accent Furniture

With all that out of the way, it’s time to talk about what you clicked on this article for — practical accent furniture ideas for your family room. 

1. Storage Ottoman

Remember that multifunctionality is of the utmost importance in the family room. If a furniture piece can also double as storage for blankets and throw pillows or your kids' toys, that’s amazing. 

Our Modern Round Ottoman is the perfect stylish, multifunctional piece for your family room. The quality upholstery and neutral colors look amazing. But this ottoman also opens up for storage on the inside for whatever you need. 

On top of that, the sturdy, flat top surface can work as a coffee table if you need it to. Simply add a large tray to the top, and you’ve got an impromptu table surface. 

2. Futon Couch

One of the most classic multifunctional furniture ideas is the futon. During the day, it looks like a normal, stylish couch. But in a flash, the back can fold down to make a sleeping surface that’s about as big as a full-size bed. 

Now your living area is the perfect place for naptime or a cozy movie night. This simple piece of family or living room furniture is perfect for any modern living room. 

It’s especially beneficial if you have a small space without a guest room. With this, your family room can be your guest room in a pinch. There are so many things you can do with a simple futon. 

One of the biggest criticisms of futons is that they don’t look elevated. We’ve got to great lengths to make sure that our futons hold up with the rest of your stylish furniture. That’s why we made this Cream Faux Shearling Futon. With beautiful cream upholstery and warm wooden legs, this will make your family or living room feel grand. 

3. Stylish Accent Chair

Lots of people think about adding a sectional to their family room. Sectionals are classic ways to furnish the family room. Still, you should also have some seating that’s quite fun and super stylish, and that’s where accent chairs and loveseats come in. 

They can make a space feel complete and balanced by distributing seating around the room. It doesn’t have to be the focal point, but it will give you more places to sit and enhance the atmosphere of the room. 

Our Swivel Curved Back Accent Chair is the perfect family room addition. Its curvy shape is cute and homey. Its upholstery is soft and comfy, making for the perfect family or living room decorating idea. 

Let’s not forget that it’s a swivel chair. This makes it family-friendly (your kids will love this thing) and super functional. 

4. Area Rugs

Area rugs are one of the most effective and important tools in interior design. For starters, if you’ve got a hardwood floor, area rugs give your feet something soft to walk on and your kids something comfortable to play on. 

On top of that, area rugs play an important visual role in any room. It provides a visual foundation, marking designated spaces in the room and giving it depth. Well-placed rugs can make a small living room feel big and help make an open floor plan feel more organized. This simple design idea can make a world of difference. 

5. Wall Decor

Finally, it’s essential to complement your room with wall decor. Think of this as “vertical accent furniture.” 

A gallery wall or bookshelf can help to bring personality to a room and make it feel complete. Built-in sconces and wall light fixtures can brighten up a room to make it feel more spacious. Even a simple paint color change on a living room wall can be an accent that livens up your space. 

Family Room Decor

Whether your family room is more of a game room or a restful oasis from all the chaos, it’s important that it’s decorated well so you can feel at home when you’re in it. So whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, take these ideas and go create the family room space you’ve always wanted. 

For more information about interior design and a selection of family room furniture, dining room furniture, bedding, mattresses, and more, visit eLuxury.


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