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How To Choose a Mattress Topper – Look for These Six Things

How To Choose a Mattress Topper – Look for These Six Things

So you’ve decided to give a little upgrade to your sleeping setup by putting a mattress topper on your bed. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at eLuxury, we specialize in amazing mattress pads and toppers (and bedroom furniture) that can elevate your sleeping experience in a way that’s right for you and your unique sleeping needs. 

But there are so many options to choose from. Which one should you go with? Which one is going to be best for you? That’s a tough question, but it’s one we’re going to answer today. 

So keep reading, and we’ll show you how to shop for your next mattress topper. By looking for all of these things, you can ensure that you get the topper that’s right for you.

Let’s jump in!

What Is a Mattress Topper?

First, let’s define our terms and talk about what a mattress topper is and what it isn’t. There are a lot of different things out there that are similar to mattress toppers, but they don’t serve the same function. 

A mattress topper is a pad that you place on top of your mattress to add extra cushioning to your sleeping setup. They can make your sleeping surface firmer, plusher, and provide extra support, and so much more. But the main purpose is to give your bed extra comfort by giving you extra cushioning. 

Is your mattress a bit too firm? Buying the right pad can add that bit of softness you’re looking for without having to buy a new mattress. Do you need a bit more support for your pressure points? The right mattress topper can give you that extra bit that you need. 

Other Purposes of a Mattress Topper

But that’s not all mattress toppers do. They can be made of hypoallergenic material to provide people with allergies a less allergen-filled sleep. Many of them are machine washable, allowing you to rid your sleeping surface of dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, sweat, body oils, etc.

They also act as a sort of mattress protector, keeping your mattress clean and extending its lifespan. It keeps your mattress materials from wearing faster and can even help to prevent things like bed bugs.

Another great thing a mattress topper can do is help your body with temperature regulation. Your body prefers a sleeping environment between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and a mattress pad with a cooling effect can help with that. Breathable toppers like these can help you get a good night’s sleep by getting rid of body heat and giving you extra cushion. 

Mattress Covers

It’s important not to get mattress toppers confused with mattress covers. While mattress toppers provide cushioning, mattress covers do not. The sole purpose of a mattress cover is to protect your mattress from spills, dirt, body fluids, and the like. 

These washable covers help to protect the mattress and help them to last longer. And make it so that you don’t have to spot clean and deep clean your mattress as often, but they don’t make your current mattress any more comfortable than it already is. 

What To Look For in a Mattress Topper

1. External Material 

The first thing you’re going to want to look at is the material that the mattress pad is made of. You can find mattress pads made of any material. There are cotton mattress pads, bamboo rayon mattress pads, and more.

In the same way that it’s important to consider the material of your bedsheets, it’s important to consider what your mattress pad is made of. This changes how the pad will feel under you and your fitted sheet, so make sure to consider your mattress topper materials.

2. Cushioning Style

Perhaps the most essential thing to think about when buying a mattress pad is what type of cushioning style it uses. There are so many different types of mattress toppers, all with different purposes. 

Memory foam mattress toppers help to give you a bit more of a firm mattress experience and provide pressure relief for your joints as you sleep by contouring to your figure. Pillowtop mattress pads, on the other hand, give your mattress a much plushier feel and are better at regulating body temperature than foam mattress toppers. 

But really, this comes down to preference. Do you want a bed that feels more like a feather bed? Or do you want a firm, high-density bed that will conform to your body?

3. How Much Do You Move During Sleep?

There are a couple of reasons why you need to consider how much you move around during sleep. The first is because of how it affects your sleeping partner. Memory foam pads are some of the best mattress toppers for sleepers who move a lot because they absorb the movement well, helping to reduce movement's effects on your sleeping partner. 

On top of that, if you move around a lot during your sleep, it’s possible you could move the mattress pad with you as you move, displacing it and making for an uneven, uncomfortable sleeping surface. 

If that’s you, you should look for a mattress pad with a skirt, similar to a fitted sheet, so that it can anchor to the bed in the correct position so you won’t move it around unintentionally. 

4. What Sleeping Position Do You Use?

Your sleeping position also plays a factor in what topper you should select. Really, both types of mattress toppers are suitable for any sleeper, but each is best suited for different sleepers. 

Side sleepers tend to prefer a softer sleeping setup. Soft beds contour to your body and support your weight evenly, allowing your joints to take a bit of a breather as you sleep on your side. They relieve key pressure points to help you relax. 

So if you’re a side sleeper, you might prefer a nice, cushy bed. You may want a thick pillowtop mattress topper or even a thick memory foam topper. We even have an option that combines memory foam and a pillowtop pad to make the ultimate soft mattress pad.

Stomach sleepers and back sleepers might prefer a sturdier option more in the realm of medium-firm. They might be better served by a sturdy memory foam mattress pad to give them a flatter sleeping surface.

5. Are You a Hot Sleeper?

We touched on this already, but body temperature is super important during sleep. Being too hot can disrupt your REM sleep, which can make your sleep less restful, so this is crucial. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re going to need a high-quality mattress topper with a cooling effect. Standard foam and latex mattress toppers don’t have this and can increase your body temperature, so hot sleepers should avoid these options. 

But gel memory foam and pillow-top toppers offer the best cooling. By allowing good airflow throughout the pad, these cooling mattress toppers help your body heat escape rather than trap it.

So if you need cooling, you have options for both a firm and a soft mattress. Gel-infused foam is the firm cooling option, and the pillowtop is the soft cooling option. Both will make your mattress feel both comfy and cool.

6. Do You Have Back Pain?

If you have back pain, a good mattress topper might be able to help you sleep better at night. In particular, foam mattress toppers help to support your body weight and your pressure points, helping your hold body to relax and relieve tension while you sleep. 

So if you need a bit of extra support to help your joints out, you may want to opt for a memory foam mattress or a thicker topper like a dual-layer mattress pad.

Quality Mattress Pads for You

Here at eLuxury, we make all different types of quality mattress pads so that you can enhance your sleeping setup in any way that you need to. We work hard to ensure that we make products that are good enough for our own homes and yours. 

To that end, we offer a wide selection of mattress pads and toppers so you can find the option that best fits your needs, no matter what those needs may be. 

Not only do we offer pads of different types, materials, and styles, but we also offer them in every size that you could need, from twin-size to queen-size and even to California king! 

And now you know everything you need to know to pick out the right mattress pad for your sleeping setup at home. Check out eLuxury for more information and a selection of fantastic furniture and more bedding. Now go and have the best night of sleep of your life!


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