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Now at eLuxury: Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes!

Now at eLuxury: Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes!

All of us at eLuxury are excited to announce that just in time for the holiday season, we are now offering Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes for yourself, your friends, and your family, human or canine! If you are looking for a great, personalized gift idea this upcoming holiday season, look no further than eLuxury!

Keeping it Local!

We have teamed up with a family-owned business right here in our hometown of Evansville, IN to bring personalized embroidery products to you. 

There is no better gift idea than a personalized robe or personalized dog bed. Our customers have been asking for this for years and we are so pleased to announce that it is now a reality! 

By sourcing the monogramming and personalization with a local company, it has allowed eLuxury to help build a new relationship with their sales and embroidery team that will help keep the personal touch and obsession with quality that we have become known for intact.

Embroidered Robes and Personalized Dog Beds

Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes

For the dog beds and robes, we use the direct embroidery method, in which the embroidery is actually sewn into the material of the robe or dog bed cover, allowing it to literally become a part of the item. 

The highest quality embroidery thread is designed to stand up to heavy laundering with colors that won’t fade during washing in water as hot as 203 degrees. So, you can count on the embroidery to continue to look great through thousands of washes!

For each product, we have allowed multiple levels of customization to create embroidery to your exact specifications. You will choose the color of thread, the font used, and what information you want embroidered on the item. For the Dog Beds, you can add your pet’s name up to 8 letters. For the robes, you provide us with the the first, last, and middle name of the person that the robe is for to create a classy and personalized touch.

Personalized Gift Idea

If you are looking for gift ideas, giving someone a heartfelt, personalized gift is absolutely perfect for the holiday season. These personalized items are a great way to show the effort, time, and the thought that went into getting a gift for a friend or loved one. But hey, who is to say it has to be a gift for someone else? Treat yourself or your pet to one of these items! Maybe try a his and hers robes set for yourself and your significant other! We offer a variety of colors for mens bathrobes as well as robes for women that will make everyone happy!

Personalized Bathrobes for Women and Men

Our Egyptian Cotton Monogrammed Bathrobes are like bringing the luxury of a 5-Star Hotel into your own home. And, adding the personal touch of monogramming makes it that much more excellent. These 100% Egyptian Cotton robes are made with a Terry Cloth Finish. 

Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes

The embroidered robes come with double belt loops, fold-back style sleeves, and large front pockets, just like at a resort, spa, or 5-star hotel. These robes are extremely soft to the touch and the most absorbent of any robe on the market. But now, you can personalize them to make them truly feel like your own.

Personalized Orthopedic Dog Beds

Personalized Dog Beds and Monogrammed Bathrobes

Our personalized dog beds are also an absolutely wonderful gift for the pet lover in your life, or can be a great gift to bring home to your own furry friend! Our 5” Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds have been some of the biggest sellers for the last 2 years and adding the personalization elements have made many of our longtime customers very happy! 

Each dog bed comes in small, medium, and large for all sizes of pets. For the biggest of dogs or other pets, we have extra large dog beds that will look great in any home and keep your pet comfortable at bedtime, or any time!

The Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed is covered by a 100% Waterproof Encasement and a removable and fully washable canvas cover with a zipper enclosure. Washing this dog bed is as easy as can be and will ensure years of comfort for your little (or big!) furry friends. There is no better way to make your pup feel like “a part of the family” than by giving them their very own custom dog bed!

So, this holiday season, give the gift of personalization and luxury with one of our personalized dog beds or monogrammed bathrobes.

Would you or your pet like either of these items? Maybe your pet wants a robe as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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