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Why Do I Need a Bed Skirt? Here's 3 reasons!

Why Do I Need a Bed Skirt? Here's 3 reasons!

We are often asked: "Why Do I Need a Bed Skirt?"  Well first, let us explain exactly what a detachable bed skirt is.   Bed skirts are a decoration piece commonly found on traditional box spring and mattress beds. 

They usually mirror or complement the sheet set or comforter, and give an overall feeling of cohesiveness to a bedroom. But is there more to it than that? Does a wrap around bed skirt have an actual functional purpose?

Case for a WRAP AROUND BED SKIRT: Cleanliness

A detachable bed skirt is designed with cleanliness in mind. A bed skirt hangs down far enough to block the accumulation of most dust particles, which is why it is also referred to as a "dust ruffle". A buildup of dust can lead to dust mites and other unpleasantness. Obviously this isn’t the end-all for keeping the space under your bed clean, but it can minimize the how often you have to worry about it.

detachable bed skirt is Practical

A second practical function of a long bed skirt is drafts. This is probably less of an issue now than when  bed skirts were conceived, but drafty under-beds used to be a real issue. The drafts would cause the underside of the mattress to cool off, eventually making the whole mattress cold and the sleeper somewhat uncomfortable. In this regard it is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Bed Skirts Look Great! 

Finally, as mentioned in the intro,  bed skirts just look good. They cover up ugly box springs and awkward bed frame legs. They can even conceal unsightly storage areas. Trivia Tip: When used in this regard as a strictly decorative piece, a bed skirt is often referred to as a “valance”.

There you have it. Three practical uses for a bed skirt. Now when someone asks you, "Why Do I Need a Bed Skirt?", you can fill them in! Hopefully this information allows you to make an informed decision when decorating your bedroom. 

Do you use a bed skirts? Why do you advise getting one? Chime in below in the comments section! 

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