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How To Make Your Bed! | eLuxury

How To Make Your Bed! | eLuxury

We know that making your bed every morning is a task that so many of us don't partake in, but we must tell you, it truly is a great way to start your day! There is nothing like coming home to a neat, made bed that you are excited to get back into when bed time rolls around. Coming home to a room that is a mess can really affect your mental state. We think that it is a great practice for your daily life and we want to give you a quick How To Make Your Bed right tutorial! Because, after all, anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Bed Making Begins With the Mattress Pad

When learning how to make your bed, let's start at the bottom. The mattress pad is the first layer of your comfortable bed layer cake, so you need to make sure that it is on correctly and squared up to avoid the uncomfortable bunches that could bother you in bed. All eLuxury mattress pads have fitted skirts that will fit any mattress up to 18 inches and keep the pad from sliding around. Once the mattress pad has been fitted around all corners of your bed, make sure it is square with the mattress top.

Step 2 of Bed Making: The Fitted Sheet

Next is the fitted sheet. Spread out your fitted sheet across the bed and fit all four corners of your bed with the fitted corner pockets. Make sure the fitted corner pockets are pulled all the way under your mattress and are secured snugly to the mattress itself. Nothing is more annoying than having the fitted sheet coming off of your bed at night, so do it right the first time!

Make Your Bed Properly With the Flat Sheet or the Military Tuck

This is the fun part. There are two ways that you can put on a flat sheet. The first way is to just spread the flat sheet out on the bed and tuck the corners, buttom, and sides under the bed. This will work, but it could lead to your flat sheet being crumbled up at the bottom of your bed in the morning. The second and best way to put on your flat sheet is with the military tuck. This special tuck at the foot of your bed will ensure that your flat sheet will stay put!

Don't Forget the Top Layer: The Comforter and Duvet Cover

Spread your comforter out on your bed with the edges and bottom hanging about one and a half inches above the ground. Fold back your comforter until it covers up half of your bed to the foot. This will give your bed a good look and allow some breathing room for resting on the bed. If you are having a hard time getting your duvet cover on correctly, take a look at our How to Put On a Duvet Cover Guide HERE!

Icing on the Cake: Pillows

Whether you have one pillow or ten, there is always a way to make them look good. Normal pillow stacking etiquette is: two square decorative pillows against the headboard, two sleeping pillows in front of those, two smaller square decorative pillows, and a bolster pillow (small long rectangular pillow). Realistically, you can stack your pillows however you want, so come up with your own method!
Now you know how to make your bed!

Trust us when we tell you that setting aside a few minutes to make the bed every morning may be a difficult task to get in the habit of doing at first, but it will pay off.