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10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Vs. 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Vs. 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

When you think of a comfortable night’s sleep, what product jumps out to you as the most influential in achieving this goal? ANSWER: The mattress, of course! Your mattress is the base of comfort upon which other bedding, such as pillows, sheets, and comforters, build. Think of it as the crust of a delicious pizza. If the crust of a pizza is bad, it doesn’t matter how great the toppings are; The pizza is no good! ,/p>

It is essential to find a mattress that fits your sleeping style, as it can be frustrating and expensive to try and make your uncomfortable mattress work well for you. Here at eLuxury, we carry two different mattresses to provide comfort to a wide arrange of our customers! So, we present to you our new product comparison mattress review to help you choose which is best for you. Take a look at our exploration of the 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Vs. 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. 

10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Our 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the first mattress in our lineup. This is the best selling memory foam mattress we have ever carried!  It is a 2 layer mattress, with the bottom 7’’ of the mattress being a firm 3.0 lb memory foam. This base foam helps to strengthen the mattress and keep the sides rigid when sitting on the side of the bed. It also helps to provide support for your spine to prevent any backaches. The upper layer of the mattress is a 1.8lb density 3’’ Gel-infused memory foam. 

The beads in this foam helps to keep the bed from retaining excess body heat by dispersing it evenly. This mattress is considered to be a 7/10 on the firmness scale and is the best memory foam mattress for people who tend to sleep on their stomach or back at night, but can definitely work well for side sleepers as well. 

12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The second mattress that we offer is our 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. This 12-inch memory foam mattress has 4 different layers to provide maximum comfort. The bottom 7.5 inches of support foam act very similarly to the 10’’ Mattress as its primary job is to help support you while you sleep. The next layer is 1.5’’ of individually encased micro coils. This layer helps to provide additional bounce to your mattress and improves the airflow. 

After the coils, we have a 1’’ layer of latex that helps reduce the recovery time of the bed. With faster recovery time, it minimizes that “stuck” feeling you get when changing positions. The top 2’’ of Gel Memory Foam add additional softness to the bed for comfort, while the infused gel beads help to reduce heat retention in the mattress. 

This bed is considered to be a 5.5/10 for firmness and is the best memory foam mattress for those side sleepers to help cushion shoulders and hips. It is also a favorite for those who enjoy a softer mattress for their optimal night of sleep.

10 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Vs. 12 inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Buy Your Mattress Online Risk-Free!

While buying a mattress online can be scary for some consumers, we find it to be one of the most convenient ways to shop. Your mattress is delivered directly to your door in a box and, once opened, expands quickly so that you can enjoy your new slice of paradise. Our memory foam mattress reviews that come directly from our customers have spoken, and they are getting some great nights of sleep! 

Let’s face it: A new mattress is a pretty big purchase, so we want to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We offer a 120-day return policy to give ample time to try out the mattress. If it does not work out well, we have it picked up from your home for a full refund! Our goal is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their new memory foam mattress. We also offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty on both mattresses, so this is truly a risk-free purchase! 

If you are debating between the 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Vs. the 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress and have questions, please contact us directly at or by phone at 1.800.977.7433! 

Have you purchased one of our mattresses? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! 

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