No More Ruff Nights

March 23, 2016 1 min read

Sleepopolis has reviewed our dog bed and it received 5/5 stars! You can find an excerpt below and the full article here.

"...When examining pet beds, the most important topic is durability. To test the durability, I thoroughly examined a few areas before allowing my dog (Tibbers) to test out the bed. After analyzing the stitching, I was very impressed. There were no flaws whatsoever.  Next up, the zipper. Again, very impressive. The zipper was easy to use and never once got snagged on the cover’s materials while removing or replacing the cover. Finally, it was time to let the newest member of my family, Tibbers, lie on the bed."

Tibbers is a standard Poodle (albeit a small one at 27 pounds) who loves digging into her sleeping spot…be it her dog bed or my couch :( Time and time againshe tried to dig her way through this bed to get that perfect comfort. The exterior cover did a great job of preventing damage, as did the interior foam protector and foam layers. Even after several weeks of use and digging there has been no discernible damage or wear / tear..."

You can find the full comparison article on Sleepopolis's site.

You can find our Dog Beds on

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