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What do you rest your head on?

What do you rest your head on?

Somewhere to rest your head…

A pillow is like a little mattress for your head. And if you value your head as much as we do ours, it's impossible for you to sleep comfortably without a decent pillow or two. Your neck and shoulders might have something to say about it, too.

Ultimately, though, one person's too soft is another person's too firm. If you don't yet know what kind of pillow you prefer, experiment until you do, then look for pillows with similar characteristics.

There are various materials used on the inside and outside of pillows. eLuxury carries several different types of pillows with a large selection of materials included. One type of pillow in particular we’d like to tell you about is our latex pillow.

Dr. Edward Blumenthal, a chiropractor from Hatboro, PA, believes in this particular pillow enough to offer it to his patients through his medical practice.

“As a chiropractor, I am always looking for a good sleeping pillow for my patients. I have tried countless ones over the years. Ideally, I look for a pillow that has good support in all sleeping positions, does not go flat with use, and yet has an acceptable amount of pliability, or perception of softness for comfort. Additionally, I look for non toxic materials. This is hard to come by. However, the latex pillow checks all those boxes, and patients love them.”

eLuxury’s Natural Latex Pillow gives you all of the comfort of down, but the antimicrobial latex minimizes allergens including mildew and bacteria. The foam naturally contours to the weight of your head and neck, cradling your body while you sleep. Our pillow is firm and supportive without being stiff. The cooling, breathable weave let’s you rest easy while allowing air to circulate.

Made with 100% Latex:

This means no fillers! Latex comes from the "Hevea Brasiliensis" rubber tree and becomes our signature latex pillow. Each pillow undergoes an individualized construction process. First, the latex pillow is flash frozen and then vulcanized. The latex pillow is then carefully removed from the mold by hand. Finally, the pillow is spot cleaned and put through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality.

How do I clean my latex pillow: 

Cleaning your latex pillow is very simple. Follow these 5 steps for proper maintenance....


Now that you know all about latex pillows, we are happy to offer you a promotional deal we have at this time. You are able to purchase two pillows for the price one. We do have a limited supply so please take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. Simply follow this link and use the promo code PILLOWTALK upon checkout. 

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