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Best Customer Service on Earth

Best Customer Service on Earth

Since the conception of our customer service team, we have prided ourselves on having “the best customer service on Earth.” That is a bold statement, but our team works hard daily to make sure they live up to it. They strive to build relationships with our customers, our suppliers and with each other. “Being afraid of hard work is a 100% effective way to avoid being successful and we strive to outwork every other customer service department out there.”

We want our customers to know that when you call us, we will go to any length to make sure you get what you purchased in a timely manner.

Once you receive your purchase, we know you might have questions and our team’s goal is to get you fact-based answers and strive to set realistic expectations. Though there are many relevant questions we receive on a daily basis, we thought we might identify some of the more popular questions we receive...

What are the differences in Percale and Sateen weave sheets?  The sateen weave is known for being silky, smooth and shiny. Sateen weaves are made by weaving three-over-one-under. This gives the sheets a silkier feel and a very shiny surface.

The percale weave is most associated with the word, "crisp." Whether it was grandma's crisp white sheets or those summer cottage sheets that were always as crisp as the day you bought them; it was always percale. Percale weaves are made by using a plain weave, one-over-one-under pattern. This creates a light, crisp, and strong bed sheet.

*What rayon from bamboo products do we sell? We sell a mattress topper, pillowcase set, bamboo pillow, duvet cover set, towels, and sheet sets.

What is the return policy and warranty for the Gel Memory Foam Mattress? The gel memory foam mattress has a 10 year warranty that will cover any damages to the mattress deemed not to be the result of customer misuse.  A customer can return the mattress for a full refund for up to 120 days. We will have the mattress picked up by a local charity and donated.

Still not convinced on a gel memory foam mattress, this expert review from Sleepopolis might help make up your mind.

How do I wash pillows? How do I keep them fluffy? For our feather and hypodown pillows, you need to wash with with a mild detergent and cold water. Tumble dry on low with a tennis ball or a clean tennis shoe in the dryer with the pillow. We advise fluffing your pillow every morning or night before bed to help it keep it’s form.

What is the heaviest/thickest towel that we sell? The heaviest/ and thickest towel that we offer is the 900GSM towel( “GSM” means Grams Per Square Meter). The 600 GSM Towel Sets are made for customers looking for a towel not quite as hefty as the 900 GSM.

What are the difference between the mattress pads? The standard, bamboo and moisture barrier toppers are all 1-1.5 inches thick, while the extra thick pad is 2-2.5 inches thick. The Five Star Pad is .5 inches thick. The main difference between the bamboo topper and the standard is the top, where the standard is made of cotton and the bamboo pad is made from 30% rayon from bamboo/70% polyester, but the filling and the thickness are identical. The standard and the extra thick are the same make-up (top and filling), but the difference is the thickness. The Extra Thick is the same pad as the standard, just twice the thickness.

The eLuxury Customer Service team works hard to make sure anyone that deals with our company walks away knowing we are an honest, hard-working group of people and we have done everything that we could to help them. That is what we strive for at all times.

Should you have additional questions or comments, our Customer Service team is always available to you. With the addition of Facebook’s Messenger Bot through our sales platform, we are now able to communicate with customers via Facebook Messaging in addition to our other avenues of communication exchange.

Customer Service Team {click to contact us}

If you have ANY issues with your order, questions about products or anything else at all, you can contact us in the following ways:
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