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Saving Time with the Bed MadeEZ

Saving Time with the Bed MadeEZ

Putting a fitted sheet on a mattress can be a pain. You have to lift the mattress and stuff the sheet under at the same time. This can be more difficult for different people depending on their physical capabilities.

We recommend using a mattress wedge to hold the mattress up off of your box spring or platform bed. A wedge will allow you to easily lift a mattress and wrap your fitted sheet around the corners. They require only minimal effort and can make short work of a tedious process.

For the best effect, place your wedge under your mattress around 20 inches from the corner of the bed. This will raise both the corner and some of the center of your mattress. Try sliding your wedge in corner-first if you are having trouble getting it under the the mattress.

To get the most speed out of your wedge, we recommend using two. Place one wedge under the head of your bed and one under the foot. You can then apply the fitted sheet to the top and bottom of which ever side you are working on without having to move your wedge around. You can then just slide them out and repeat the process on the opposite side.

"How to Tuesday" is our informational video series. It will be updated bi-weekly with new tips and tutorials in the realm of luxury bed & bath.
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