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Flat Pillow? How To Get Fluffy Pillows

Flat Pillow? How To Get Fluffy Pillows
Flat Pillows? How to get a fluffy pillow



If you are unsatisfied with that flat pillow that you are lying on every night, you might be able to bring it back to life! Let us show you how to get fluffy pillows and get back to some great, comfortable sleep! 

It's super simple: You can simply toss them in the dryer and let it run on medium heat for a full cycle. Your pillow will come out with a fresh fluff.

How does it work? Think of how you would go about fluffing a pillow with your hands. Essentially wrestling with it until it’s new again, right? Well, with this method, the tennis balls do all of that work for you. Leaving your pillow fresh and fluffed.

Take a look at the video below:

How Do You Fix Flat Pillows? Methods, Tips, and More

It can be frustrating when your down pillows start to feel flat and lifeless in their pillowcases, especially if you have not had them for quite a while and they are already beginning to lose their shape and softness. 

There are several different reasons why one of the throw pillows in your living room or the bed pillows in your master bedroom could lose their plush properties. 

So, why does this happen? 

Over time, even the best pillows can become flat due to the weight of our heads repeatedly being pressed down on the pillow every night. As unfortunate as it is, the process is natural. 

Something else that could cause a pillow to lose some of its plushness is increased moisture. If you live in a humid area, that extra moisture may be causing some problems for you as well. Moisture inside your pillow covers and the pillows themselves can also cause other issues, such as mildew and mold.

Why Is Sleeping on a Flat Pillow a Problem?

This may shock, but certain sleeping positions may work better with a flatter pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, in particular, a flat pillow may prevent any issues with neck pain from arising. 

On the other hand, many sleepers generally benefit from a higher-height pillow simply because they will support the neck better, especially if you do not sleep on your stomach. These pillows' height helps to keep your spine in alignment and has your neck resting in its natural position. 

A flat pillow means that the pressure on your neck is not distributed how it's supposed to. This issue could lead to mornings riddled with stiffness and neck pain. Sometimes the pain may even reach other parts of your body since you are out of alignment for hours during sleep. 

How To Fluff a Pillow: DIY Methods To Try

If you are living with chronic pain in your neck and back, having a pillow that is as fluffy as possible is essential. 

This is especially true if you are unsatisfied with that flat pillow that you are lying on every night. You can bring it back to life! Let us show you how to get fluffy pillows and get back to a good night's sleep. Take a look at the video above or follow the steps listed here.

Put the Pillows in the Dryer

To start, toss those pillows in the dryer and let the machine run on a low heat setting. Note that it's best to skip the washer at this point. While you can wash pillows in the washing machine, it's not necessary to re-fluff. 

Make sure you avoid putting the pillow in the dryer on high heat since this could damage the outside of the pillow. The heat could even burn some of the fillings inside a feather pillow. Too much heat on your pillow is the last thing you want when trying to make your sleeping experience as best as possible. 

Hand-Fluff Your Old Pillows

Another simple way to get your pillows feeling fluffy again is to do it by hand. 

Grab your pillow and place it on your lap. Push the pillow in and out repeatedly on both the short ends and long ends of the pillow. This will separate the material inside of the pillow and promote some further air circulation. The extra push should make them feel fluffier than ever. 

Air Out Your Pillows in the Sun

Believe it or not, taking your pillow outside for some fresh air could give it some of that fluffiness back. 

We mentioned earlier that excess moisture could contribute to a flat pillow. Letting it sit out in the sun could help suck up any moisture that the pillow has soaked up and leave your pillow feeling fluffy once again.

To get the most out of this method, leave your pillow in the sun for at least three hours (preferably in an area with suitable airflow). This process should provide plenty of time for the pillow to take on some life again. Hanging a pillow on a clothesline is ideal. 

If you left your pillow out in the sun for a couple of hours and it's still looking a bit lackluster, you could also try massaging the pillow back to its initial form. This works well, especially if you find that your pillow has big chunks of inner material unevenly distributed throughout the inside. 

Break up these chunks, and your pillow may even look much more voluminous than it previously was. 

Which Types of Pillows Keep Their Fluff?

Now that you know a couple of ways to return your pillows to their fluffy state, let's go over some options for pillows so that you don't run into this issue in the future! 

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows provide support to your neck, which is essential for any sleeper. 

This material is very responsive and bounces straight back to its natural state after every use, so you won't even have to worry about fluffing these pillows in the first place. 

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam pillows are known for their ability to conform to whoever rests their head upon the material. These are also a solid choice if you need more support for your head. 

Memory foam is also remarkably dense. Since the pillow isn't filled with feathers, you will have an easier time keeping this synthetic pillow nice and plush. 

Overstuffed Pillows

A simple way to determine how often you will need to fluff a pillow is by looking at how much inner packing the pillow has. 

For instance, if you are in the market for a new pillow, try looking for anything that is labeled “overstuffed.” This means that the pillow has extra padding packed inside, so you assuredly won't have to worry about fluffingoverstuffed pillows nearly as often as typical pillows you find on the market. 

Of course, every pillow will lose some of its plushness over time just because it takes on the weight of our neck and head every night. Regardless of this fact, these pillows will ensure that they last you much longer than a typical pillow lacking the technology for longevity. 

What To Remember About Making Pillows Fluffy Again

Pillows are naturally going to lose their plushness over time, regardless of what type you have. It's especially unavoidable since we are resting the weight of our heads on them every night. 

The best thing to do is make sure that you fluff your pillow at the first sign of deflation. You can do this by hand, by throwing it in the dryer on medium heat, letting it sit out in the sun, or giving your pillow a nice massage. 

As discussed above, the pillows that will give you the least amount of trouble in terms of their longevity and fluff are latex pillows, memory foam pillows, or overstuffed pillows. We offer each of these options in our pillow selection.

Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your pillow remains as soft and supportive as possible! 


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