Flat Pillows? How to get a fluffy pillow

Are you struggling with a flat pillow? Did you know you can bring your pillows back to life with just a few simple ingredients? Using just 2-3 clean tennis balls and a dryer, you can bring that lovely plush feeling back to your pillow. Keep reading to see how to get fluffy pillows again! 

How to Fluff up your flat pillows! 

If you are unsatisfied with that flat pillow that you are laying on every night, you might be able to bring it back to life! Let us show you how to get fluffy pillows and get back to some great, comfortable sleep! 

It's super simple: You can just toss them in the dryer and let it run on medium heat for a full cycle. You pillow will come out with a fresh fluff.

How does it work? Think of how you would go about fluffing a pillow with your hands. Essentially wrestling with it until it’s new again, right? Well, with this method the tennis balls do all of that work for you. Leaving your pillow fresh and fluffed. Take a look at the video below! 


Even after trying this, are you still dealing with a flat pillow? If your pillow is getting old and needing to be replaced, eLuxury offers and entire line of Down Pillows, Feather Pillows, and Down Alternative Pillows to choose from. Come by and take a look!  

  Did you try this out? Do you have your own method of fluffing up a pillow? Let us know in the comment section below!