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Words from the Crowd: Teri Vasterling

Words from the Crowd: Teri Vasterling
Every now and then we receive awesome messages from our biggest fans. Yesterday, we received this encouraging email from Teri Vasterling, one of our new customers and now a life-long eLuxurySupply family member.
To ALL at E-Luxury Supply, I Received both pillows yesterday (here at work) MADE IN U.S.A.  so refreshing to see that on the manufactures label. The first thing I noticed right away as I removed them from the box & plastic covering was... NO Chemical smell at all.   Any linen (purses/clothes) you buy overseas NEEDS to be washed and/or aired out for days.  I didn't feel the need to wash them before I put clean pillowcases on them.  In fact I had ALL clean & fresh linens on my bed last night..did what I usually do when I change bed sheets, I sprayed Febreeze all over my bed, let it dry and when bedtime came around..all felt good in the world.  Clean bedding, perfect pillows and a good night's sleep. I could tell immediately that the quality exceptional.  I would be embarrassed if I told you how many king size pillows I have on my bed.  They have all turned into flat pancakes. The brochures in the box were 'personalized' Thank you’s.. WHO DOES THAT  ??!!? I put them up on the counter here at work..briefly told the bosses here about your company and now they are also interested in purchasing linens from you.   This will not be my last purchase..many more to come.   Thank YOU for your service to this great country. Respectfully, Teri Vasterling

Teri, thank you so much for your belief in our company and your support. Ryan, Tommy, and Andy, below, are US military veterans they ALL appreciate your kind words and your genuine “thanks”. Three eLuxurySupply Veterans

Cheers friends; until next time.

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