What is “pilling”?

Have you ever purchased a new set of sheets only to find them becoming frayed after only a few weeks? Have you ever laid on a sheet consisting of nothing but bumps and fuzz? This agonizing situation can be known as “pilling”. Pilling can be defined as a surface defect pertaining to the ends of the fibers; causing them to knot at the surface of the fabric, only to become a magnet for lint and dirt.

How does it happen?

Sheets pill through regular usage and repeated washing, which can also be escalated if one does not follow the washing instructions. In fact, the most common reason pilling happens with eLuxurySupply customers is because of not following the washing instructions. This is one of the most important steps in avoiding pilling.  Cotton sheets, if not new, are especially vulnerable. Sheets that are made of a blend (like cotton-polyester) are more inclined to pill compared to sheets that are made of 100% cotton.

What can be done to prevent it?

Thankfully, there are ways of preventing this night-time turmoil.  Washing your sheets with a short gentle wash cycle and using a mild liquid detergent can prevent many issues as well as extend the life of most sheets. Additionally, this will reduce fabric wear and prevent the fibers from fraying. Secondly, avoiding detergents that leave residue will prevent the fibers from balling and clumping together. People with oily skin are more likely to discover their side of the bed becomes more pilled than that of the opposite side. Avoiding cosmetics, creams, and lotions before bed can reduce the chance of pilling as well.

Leaving sheets in the dryer will also thwart the effects of pilling. Letting a pair of sheets dry at room temperature rather than bake in the dryer for a while will lessen the chance of the sheets pilling substantially. There is not magical pair of "non-pilling" sheets, but there are higher-quality sheets that have a lower chance of pilling. Cotton sheets are made with single-ply fine fibers that have a very low chance of knotting and pilling. While this option may do considerably more damage to the pocket book, the upside is that you now own a luxurious and long-lasting set of sheets that (probably) won’t pill.

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