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What is: Sateen Weave?

What is: Sateen Weave?

You already know that there are many styles and types of sheets to choose from when looking for that new set for your bed.  What color, thread count, and design do you prefer?  1000 thread count striped navy blue sheets are what just popped into my mind, and I’m sure you might have just pictured what you ideally want or have on your bed.  Have you ever wondered if there are even more options out there for your fancy?  There are…and it’s all about the weave.

When it comes to the weave of the fabric, a few things differ amongst the options.  Percale sheets offer a crisp and balanced weave of fabric.  Each horizontal thread is weaved up and under each and every vertical strand for a one-up, one-under weave that ends up producing a very strong fabric.  Other qualities of the percale weave include cool, soft, sturdy or “crisp”, and long-lasting.  They are much like your favorite old shirt, maintaining durability and getting softer and softer over time.  These qualities combine, giving you the peace of mind that your money will be well-invested in a set of percale sheets from eLuxurySupply.

 The primary weave that we sell here at eLuxury is the sateen weave.  This differs from the percale weave in that instead of up and under every other thread, sateen threads go up and over four threads before going under one thread and back up over four more.  This allows for more threads to be on the surface, ultimately leading to a very soft and luxurious feel while also giving an elegant shiny appearance.  The downside of this type of weave is that the construction is less sturdy, and therefore can lead to more wear over time than a percale-weaved set.  This should not deter you from purchasing the sateen-weaved sheets, however, as the quality of the products and the company that you buy from should be your biggest influences. All of our cotton sheet sets are made of the sateen weave.

Here at eLuxurySupply, we take pride in the fact that we offer the finest-quality bed and bath linens, while standing behind it with an exceptional customer service team that will truly make your experience with us enjoyable. 

Need some help making your decision?  Want to ask us a few more questions about weaves and what they mean? Just want somebody to talk to?  Feel free to call or email us whenever you wish.  We truly enjoy what we do and we want to help you be confident in your decision to buy from us for years to come.

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