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Protecting Your Bed Linen Investment

Protecting Your Bed Linen Investment

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives sleeping? With so much time spent sleeping, the comfort and performance of your bed linens should be just as important, if not more important, than the clothes you wear every day!  Additionally, bed linens make a huge difference in the atmosphere of a room. They also make a big difference in how you'll sleep.  We take a lot of time to choose our bed linens.  

For many, purchasing a nice set of bed linens is a significant investment.  Don’t be let your linens go to waste, protect your investment in bed linens by washing, drying, and storing them correctly!  Following the six steps listed below will protect your investment and will ensure a perfect night’s rest time after time.

  1. Carefully Read Labels Before You Buy Read the care labels before you buy your bed linens.  Find out what it is going to take to keep sheets, comforters, quilts, and pillows in top condition.  You may change your mind about the beautiful sheets offered by competitors once you realized they are “dry clean only”.
  2. Buy an Extra Set The most wear will come to your bottom sheets and pillowcases.  To try to influence more even wear, purchase an extra set.
  3. Change Linens Weekly In most homes, changing bed sheets weekly is your best bet to keep your bed fresh and comfortable, and to protect your linens from excessive wear.  Pillowcases may need to be changed twice a week in some circumstances.  Your comforter, duvet, and quilts will only need to be laundered monthly.
  4. Follow the Care Label Most sheets and pillowcases should be washed in cool water with less detergent than a regular load would take, unless the linens are heavily soiled.  When it comes to most home washing machines are not big enough to wash full size or larger comforters. When in doubt, take your prized comforter, duvet, or quilt to the dry cleaners.
  5. Don't Over Dry Take out bed linens as soon as they are dry and fold right away.  If the sheets are wrinkled, try throwing a wet sock or washcloth back into the dryer for 10 more minutes.  It is crucial that your sheets do not suffer from repeated cycles in excessive heat!
  6. Rotate Linens Finally, rotate your bed linens to promote even wear.  The set that comes off your bed should go back in the linen closet and a new set should go on.  This will insure that your linens are evenly worn.

Finally, some other useful tips for getting the most out of your bed linen investment include: use a gentle wash cycle and avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach, use a mattress topper, like our Extra Plush and Extra Thick Mattress Pad, to extend the life of sheets and mattresses. Pillow encasements can be used to avoid frequent washing of pillows and as protection against bed bugs.

Following the following steps should ensure that your bed linen will remain a wise investment and will provide a great night’s sleep time after time.  Everyone knows how it feels to sleep in clean, well taken care of bed linens.  Not only do they smell good but having them wonderfully clean also helps you sleep better!  Take the time to care for your bed linens and you’ll be happy.

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