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Review of the Week: GREAT Features and Personnel

Review of the Week: GREAT Features and Personnel

Our review of the week, for the Mattress Encasement - Waterproof - Bed Bug Protector was submitted by “George” from Central Florida. He says the ExceptionalSheets mattress encasement was so great that he bought five in the course a couple days...



One day I purchased 3 mattress enclosures, then a couple of days later, I ordered 2 more enclosures. The first order was from their website, very easy to navigate. the second order was done by telephone, also very easy. The people I spoke with were VERY helpful!! I give them 4.9 out of of 5 stars (no one gets 5 stars). All the items were delivered very quickly. The installation could not have been any easier, unless they installed them for us. :-) The products seem to be of excellent quality and I am VERY pleased! I highly recommend this product from this company.
Thank you “George”!  We are ecstatic that the ExceptionalSheets mattress encasement has worked for you. May your bed be liquid and bed bug free for it's lifetime. Any eLuxury review helps out our peers by helping all of us make more informed purchases.

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