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Behind the Scenes: Graphic Designer

Behind the Scenes: Graphic Designer

I thought and thought about just how I would go about writing a great introduction to this blog post about what I do here at I got tired of racking my brain, so I’ll skip the fluff and say this: I’m a graphic designer and I make things pretty. Now, I realize that’s a very simplistic way of putting it, but I've never been one to fawn over the “artistic process” or delve into deep thoughts about what a design “says to me”.  So we’ll leave it at that. I get to come to work every day and make our little company look good.

I started here in May of 2014. At that time, my workspace was a fold-up card table stuck between the existing desks at our original (and much smaller) location about 10 minutes from where I sit now. It wasn't much, but I have to say I was elated just to be getting to play in Photoshop for a living (And for an eCommerce company with a bright future, no less). I could have been working on the ground for all I cared. I worked everyday to create a look for everything eLuxury. From our product packaging to the logo you now see at the top left of this blog --  I've been lucky enough to help in building our brand image from the ground up.  Mind you, it’s still a work in progress, but we've come a long way. 

Fast forward to April of 2015. With a ridiculous amount of hard work by every person here and a hearty dose of bull-headed tenacity, our “little” company has grown tenfold. What started in my boss’s garage has grown into a group of people he refers to as the “Bad News Bears”. We’re not a corporate powerhouse, nor an elite group of Ivy League graduates, but every single day we work together towards common goals.  The work environment that has manifested among this group of people is one that encourages growth and allows ample room for each person to whittle out his or her own job title.

It’s at this point that I have to say that I’m not parroting positive words that I’ve heard around the office. I’m speaking from experience. I have friends who are graphic designers. They work at design firms. Their creative directors tell them what they need to do and they do it. I get to come to work and do whatever needs done at that particular time.  When I first started here a year ago, that likely meant designing the packaging for one of our many bedding products.

Today, that means anything “visual”. One day I may be arranging for new photos to be taken by the insanely talented photography studio we work with called Blk-Pxl, the next day I’ll be working with Sean to plan our next run of promotional mailers.  

Who is this Sean character you ask? As eLuxury has grown, so has the need for graphic design work. The internet is, after all, an almost purely visual creature. With that in mind, my long time friend was brought in for an interview. Two is better than one. As I write this blog, Sean is plugging away on our next project for print.

Many of my co-workers here are spreadsheet slingin’ aces. I, on the other hand, am fortunate enough to be able to forgo the number crunching and make the fruits of their labor look good. If nothing else, I take pride in knowing that when I leave here each day at five, I've spent my day doing something I wholeheartedly enjoy.

There seem to be few people in the world nowadays who can say that. I don’t take a single day here for granted, and I owe that all to every one of our customers. So to you, I say thank you.

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