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Review of the week – “AnnieWagg”

Review of the week – “AnnieWagg”
Our review of the week, for the 600 Thread Count Polka Dot Duvet Cover was submitted by “AnnieWagg”. She says “I would give this company and this duvet cover 10 stars if I could”…
I cannot say how much I love this company. I love everything about it - customer service, products, packaging and the fact everything is made in USA is an extra bonus. I have several items from this company and love each and every one. Their products, this one included, are such good quality, so soft, snuggly and beautiful to boot. This duvet cover is no exception, is looks so beautiful in my guest room, and fits perfectly on the bed. I would give this company and this duvet 10 stars if I could.
Oh yeah my husband says I need to NOT fix the guest bedroom up so nice or our company may never leave LOL.
This 600tc duvet cover is pretty new to the eLuxurySupply product catalog, but it has been proven to be a favorite with our customers. The mid-range thread count offers great protection for your comforter, while still providing the high-level of comfort synonymous with The best part is this awesome polka dot duvet cover is 100% machine-washable. HopefullyAnnieWagg used our duvet California roll trick to put her duvet cover back on afterwards. Cheers AnnieWagg and thank you so much for your extraordinary product review.

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