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Expert Lane - How Are Pillows Made?

Expert Lane - How Are Pillows Made?

Realistically, there’s no major secret to the making of a pillow. I’m not going to break into explaining, “when a mommy pillow and a daddy pillow love each other very much,” - I think you get the idea. What I will do is explain how far the process of pillow making has came and what it will lead to.

The Pillow’s Past Historically, the thought of a pillow hasn’t changed much. The shape and contents of a pillow have varied little over time. The Greeks lavished themselves with richly embroidered cushions and bolsters. The Egyptians, regarding the head as the seat of life, placed a large amount of attention on the pillow for the deceased. The Chinese, regarded the pillow as an object that robbed the body of vitality. Making their pillows of ceramic material , leather, and wood, the Chinese were very superstitious believing that herbal remedies could be utilized with the pillow to cure disease, change hair color, and inspire sweet dreams. Close To Home In the United States, pillows are still manufactured in large quantities. The importation of pillows can be done but is generally a lost cause. Shipping is measured by volume and shipping is outrageously expensive. Others, have attempted to produce pillows outside of the United States, using cheaper labor and compressing the pillows before shipping, but the pillows lose a lot of their plushness afterwards.

Make and Model There are many different pillows in the world of sleep. Typically, pillows are stuffed with materials such as polyester, feathers, down, and a combination of the two. Some pillows, like our 100% natural shredded latex, or our 100% Natural Latex Pillow are made at a more reasonable price than down feather pillows but are antimicrobial, mildew Proof, and dust mite resistant. Perfect for allergy suffers, latex is also a breathable filling that has the ability to stay at a cool and comfortable temperature. Other materials can also improve your nightly ritual, pillows like our memory foam pillow by exceptional sheets can provide more support than the typical filling, and can be purchased around the same price as a traditional pillow. Filling isn’t the only thing that makes a huge difference on a pillow. The pillow case is just as important as the inside.

 The Making Of... With so many kinds of pillows it’s hard to explain how each pillow is made. So, today I will explain the manufacturing process of the most common pillow, the polyester-filled pillow:

  1. The outer casing of a pillow is constructed first. Cotton-polyester fabric is shipped to factories in huge bolts. This fabric is then treated for separation, and blown apart for filling. Once, treated the fabric is then ran through heavy shears or fabric cutting machines.
  2. Stacks of rectangular-shaped fabric are taken to the sewing machines. In fully automated plants, automatic sewing machines are used to grab the fabric and sew them together. As the operator sews the edges together, the tag that lists the pillow's contents is attached. The operator then turns the pillow covering inside out so that the seams are on the inside of the case.
  3. The casings are moved to the pillow machine, which blows the polyester filling into the pillows. The machine has been loaded with polyester in one of two ways.
  4. When the pillow is filled, it is taken to another station and workers close the opening in the pillow case using an industrial sewing machine. The pillow is weighed at that time to ensure that it includes the requisite amount of batting.
  5. Finally, the finished pillows are then bagged and placed in boxes ready for shipping.
What Is To Come More options are available, now more than ever. Different blends and styles are accessible, and ordering online only makes things that much more efficient to find the exact pillow or pillowcase you prefer. If you are unsure about which pillow is right for you, check out our pillow buying guides HERE.

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