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Do It Yourself: Old Sheets, New Style

Do It Yourself: Old Sheets, New Style

Sheets are only good for so long. Whether there are holes, stains, frayed edges, or questionable design choices, a sheet will eventually need to be replaced. We here at eLuxury spend a good portion of our time telling you how to buy new sheets, what to look for in new sheets, and why you need new sheets. But... What about the one you are replacing? What do you do with it? Here are 5 ideas for what to do with your old sheets so they don't go to waste!


1 - Rags / Washcloths

The first, and arguably easiest, use for your old sheet is to simply cut it up into strips and use it as a semi-disposable washrag. If you make messes like I make messes, extra washrags are always welcome. If your sheet was soft enough, maybe it would work great to detail dry your car after a wash.

2 - Hammock

Turn that old sheet into a comfy hammock! This one takes some craftsmanship, but the result is well worth it. Using some rope and a little ingenuity, you could have a new piece of furniture (outdoor or indoor) in just a matter of hours.

If you question your engineering skills, I would advise consulting an expert to assess the structural integrity of your DIY creation before use.

3 - Clothes

Do you have a sewing machine and need some new clothing? Use that old sheet to make a one-of-a-kind shirt or dress! These clothes can work great as personalized gifts for loved ones or good friends. We all want to stay in bed a little longer in the morning, why not take a bit of it with you?

4 - Designer Bags

In the same vein as clothes, why not use your old sheet to make a stylish tote? Totes take considerably less sewing knowledge and may be more practical for the average person. Another upside of making your own tote; You can make sure all of your things fit while you are making it!

5 - Pet Bed

Making a pet bed out of your old sheets can be as simple or complicated as you wish. For the less crafty or time-pressed person, simply balling up the sheet and tossing it in your pets favorite sleeping spot may be the answer. If you are feeling up to it, or don't like the idea of leaving a wadded-up sheet lying around, you can turn that sheet into the most affordable, luxurious pet bed in all of the land.

Bonus - Donate!

As a bonus idea, you could always donate your old sheets to a local shelter or charity group. Provided your linens are in fair condition, someone will certainly have a need for them.

Whether you are artsy, crafty, or handy, hopefully we were able to inspire you with some ideas for your old sheets. If you know you need to replace you sheets, know what you will do with the old ones, but don't know where to find new ones, we've got you covered! For the warmer months, an ultra soft Viscose Rayon from bamboo sheet set may be just what you need.

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